It is often said that a key aspect of advertising is to keep your name front and center of public attention at all times. Companies often have multiple marketing strategies running all at once in an attempt to keep their name in the spotlight and keep their memory fresh amongst the public.

There are several ways to do this, with billboards often being what marketing teams go for. However, billboards can only be situated in certain areas of a city, with an attempt to rent all of them proving to be immensely costly. Furthermore, billboards provide limited visibility. They are only seen when someone turns their eyes towards them, which makes them easy to ignore otherwise.

What you need is something that can catch the eye anywhere. Something that will take people from surprise and catch their eye. What you need is an LED truck to advertise your company.

What Does an LED Truck Offer?

LED trucks are exactly what they sound like. They offer you a moving device with a large LED screen which makes up the side of the truck. On that LED screen, various images and advertisements can be displayed, in the form of a slideshow or a video.

Hence, an LED truck offers a moving screen that goes all around town and displays advertisements at the side. That sounds a lot like a moving billboard. Indeed, an LED truck offers you an advertising tool that keeps your image, and your company’s name, all over town constantly. It’s not just cheaper than renting billboards, it’s also more effective.

Here are a few reasons why it might be a good idea to advertise with LED trucks…

Cheap Advertising

Advertising on an LED truck is going to cost you far less than what it takes to rent billboards. Since you only need to pay for an LED screen (or two), which are highly cost-effective, the cost is going to be diminutive when compared to a traditional billboard.

Furthermore, a single LED truck will offer you a lot more exposure than a group of billboards. The LED trucks go all around town and are going to catch a lot more eyes in the traffic than even the most strategically placed billboard.

Fantastic Returns

Advertising with an LED truck offers you returns that you can never get from a billboard. The simple reason for this is the fact that LED trucks are going to provide a lot more exposure to your company. The moving trucks are going to get your message across through your advertisements all over the place, leading to greater interest.


With an LED truck, you are not going to be constrained by the medium. Whereas traditional billboards typically only support large flexes, an LED truck allows you to display videos and slideshows as ads. It’s a great way to make your ads more engaging for the public.

If you are looking for an advertising method that’s fresh and effective, advertising with LED trucks is exactly that and more.