Yet another month has passed. Where is the time going?

So far in 2021, we’ve covered a lot of ground with our 12 Months of Awesome commitment. So far this year, we’ve innovated upon security with CloudflarePPC Protect, and DragonWe launched Awesome Altruism. In March, it was Awesome Reviews. In April, we released Awesome Analytics. May offered our AweWP whitelabel solution for agency partners. Last month in June, we promoted our foray into the blockchain and cryptocurrency worlds.

To kick off Q3 in July, we’re now re-releasing our Awesome Feedback Tool. It’s bigger and better than ever.

Why? You’ll find out more information below.

Awesome Markup Tool

We’re Making Website Editing Easier… for You

Our Awesome Feedback Tool has always been super helpful to use. As a reminder, we use it with our clients to streamline the communication process visually.

For example, if you require significant nuanced changes to a webpage, it might be too difficult to understand over a phone call (and certainly too difficult via email). Our markup tool would come into play as a creative conduit so that you could apply temporary visual representations of your feedback directly onto your website.

We now offer a browser extension that can be downloaded to make the markup process even easier. 

Leave Comments and Collaborate!

You can also share marked up projects with your team members, leave comments, and leverage this tool as a pseudo-project management solution.

Invite anyone via email and/or tag users when their feedback is desired.

It’s that simple.

It’s Free To Use

We believe in an internet that makes communicating effortless. That’s why we welcome the use of this tool without any additional expenses.

Especially if you’re on any of our support plans, you’re going to want to take advantage of this to ensure you’re leveraging our support team as productively as possible.

After all, we want to get more done for you.

Stay kind. Stay loving. Stay awesome.