WordPress is one of the most popular engines driving websites, with about 35% of all websites using WordPress to create their pages. It is enormously popular because of the versatility that allows it to be a quality platform for so many different types of websites.

If you’re planning on using WordPress for your website, you may have noticed there are different types of hosting services. One of these services is called managed WordPress hosting. Managed WordPress hosting has a lot of benefits for your website and is something you should consider if you’re planning to use WordPress for your site. Here are just a few reasons why.

Better Speed

If your website is too slow, potential viewers are likely to leave rather than wait for the website to finish loading. If you’re using managed WordPress hosting, you’re on a server that was specifically optimized for the WordPress engine.

That means you can expect quick load times even if you’re website is media-heavy or has a lot of traffic. This will help you keep your visitors coming back, which is a great thing for any website.

Enhanced Security

Hacking is a big concern for many websites, especially if they involve e-commerce or other sensitive information. Even if you think you don’t need security because you have nothing someone would want to hack, you could be wrong.

Spammers love using easy to hack websites to peddle their own wears, and while everything looks fine to you, a visitor from Google may well see a page about how much you want them to buy Viagra instead.

Managed WordPress hosting has an added layer of security, which makes it harder for hackers to invade your website. Best of all if they do get in, some managed hosting will even fix it for free.

Keep Everything Up To Date

One of the ways hackers can get into your website is by searching for outdated plug-ins, themes, or versions of WordPress. Outdated plugins are a weakness that can allow hackers to get in, and can also lead to problems in performance from those features.

Manage WordPress servers can help keep you up to date, so you can focus on important things like the content of your website, and less about keeping everything updated.


How often do you remember to back up your files? If you don’t regularly back up your computer or phone, you’re not likely to remember to do it for your website either. Unfortunately, the losses can be huge if something happens to your websites such as accidental deletion or a virus.

Luckily, most managed web hosts also regularly back up your website for you, so you can get back to normal with relatively little damage if a disaster occurs.

There are many great reasons to use managed WordPress hosting. If you’re new to web hosting or WordPress, or you just want to take advantage of all the benefits it offers, you should make managed web hosting your choice for all your future websites.