Have you been feeling uncharismatic as you finish your work? You could need a change of scenery. Whilst it would be nice to travel to the beach and sit oceanside to complete your latest round of invoices, you can take steps at home or in the office to increase your productivity. Let Awesome Website Guys give you a few tips, and don’t forget to contact us if you need website design in Wilmington, NC, or anywhere in the U.S. We also offer WordPress management and various other services. 


Get Plants 

Plants have the potential to clean the air you breathe. In studies, having plants inside has been shown to increase productivity. Not to mention, plants are known to improve your mood, which can make you feel more productive. 


Alter the Lighting 

Not only can a poorly lit room cause you to have headaches as you strain to view print, but that lighting may also reduce your productivity. This is especially the case if you work on a computer. The blue light from the computer can interfere with your circadian rhythm. As a result, you may not get a good night’s sleep. By having adequate light, you can combat this problem and get the sleep your body requires. You’ll then have the energy to be more productive. 

Plus, the light will make you feel more productive, whereas a dimly lit room may make you feel tired or lazy. The light also has an impact on your alertness. You’ll then be able to concentrate better. 


Get an Ergonomic Chair 

You can’t be at your best when your back is at its worst. While this isn’t necessarily a true statement, it does hold some merit. Think about when you’re in pain. You can’t concentrate and focus on your work as you should when you’re preoccupied with worrying about back pain. 

Ideally, you should get an ergonomic chair, which means it’s one designed with comfort in mind. Particularly, these chairs provide adequate support for your spine. These tend to have armrests to support your arms as you work. Oftentimes, an ergonomic chair is adjustable, so you can alter its configuration to suit your needs. 



Clutter can make you feel stressed and overwhelmed. You might be wasting time trying to find the items you need rather than working. This is all hindering your productivity. Instead, start decluttering. Take small sections of the office at a time and throw out any items you haven’t used for a while. If this is also part of your home, get rid of any items that are more home-oriented rather than work-oriented. 

Go through old paperwork. If you have any from former clients you no longer deal with, toss them. Throw out old invoices that you’ll never need again. You get the idea. 


Change Your Wall Color 

When you designed your office, you probably thought about which colors match. You might have chosen wall colors simply based on which ones were easy to pair décor with, but this doesn’t help with productivity much. Instead, choose bright colors to increase your productivity. Opt for colors like light blue or yellow. 


Get More Natural Light 

Although altering the artificial lighting can help you feel more productive, natural light is always best. While you should make sure you have light to see by, let as much natural light in as possible. You could get light-colored, thin curtains. Open the curtains and window more often. Just make sure you place a screen in to prevent pests from entering. 

Changing your office can make you feel more productive. None of the changes have to cost you a fortune either, and they’re all DIYers, unless you despise painting or struggle to get up and down a ladder. 

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