In 2020, it was a difficult time for everyone. While we recognize this, we realize that small businesses had a unique situation to contend with that wasn’t over immediately after the stay-at-home orders were no longer in effect. Even after small businesses could reopen, some people were still leery about going out. And it didn’t help that some small businesses had restrictions on the number of people they could have at once. This gave large businesses quite an advantage. 

However, at Awesome Website Guys, we’re cheering on the little guys as loudly as we can. You guys are what make this country awesome, and we’re here to help you in any way we can. Don’t forget, we started from the ground up, so we get it. We were also affected by hurdles throughout our time in business. 

Let us help you get your business back to where it once was or possibly get higher and further than you could have ever imagined possible. 

Get Your Web Design Right 

You might have a website and feel like it’s sufficient; it does work and has information about your business. However, when’s the last time any of the content or site had a bit of fluffing to keep up with the times? 

It might be time to hire professionals for web design in Ocean Isle Beach, NC, to get you a site that ranks highly, is user-friendly, and looks outstanding. You need one that’s up with the times, so you don’t remain in the past. And this is more important now than ever. With the economic climate changing, even if you’re okay right now, doesn’t mean you will be in the future. 

Therefore, you need to make changes to your site now that make it more appealing and allow it to rank higher. 

Get a Blog 

In this day and age, with the competition so fierce, especially between big and small businesses and the small businesses trying to take from other small businesses, there’s not a step you can miss without possibly setting you back. And we’re seriously wondering why some small businesses don’t have a blog yet. It’s a technique that allows you to rank on the SERPs for another time. Blogs are also a way to engage with your target audience and current clients, customers, or patients. 

Fortunately, at Awesome Website Guys, we’re not just WordPress experts, we’re also blogging pros!

Get a Social Media Page 

Social media has been popular for quite some time now. Initially, it was just a way to connect with friends and family. Now, today, it’s a way to make a connection with potential clients and remain connected to previous ones. 

While you can attempt to manage your social media page, it takes more than just someone posting. It takes someone who understands what engages people. It takes adding material that’s shareable. 

At Awesome Website Guys, we can do just that… we can get you social media pages and do the hard work of managing them for you. Our experts will create posts that get people interested in your products or services. Then, they may just buy or at the least, share your post, to give you more prospective customers as a small business owner. 

Awesome Website Guys are known for being WordPress experts. We’re also web designers, bloggers, social media managers, and more who are ready to get your business a bit higher if you’re still trying to recover from 2020. 

Contact us today to discuss our array of services and coordinate a package that’ll help you bounce back and get you heading in the right direction. Call us at 910-335-4348, or use our online form.