Among a sea of digital agencies, it can be hard to stand out, let alone retain clients. Website agencies have the opportunity to stand out. One of the most effective ways to gain a competitive edge is to show your clients you care. Since an estimated 20 percent of your clients make up 80 percent of your revenue, it makes sense that keeping your clients happy and coming back is important. Keep reading to learn how you can show your clients that you genuinely care.

Send a Handwritten Note

In today’s digital world, receiving a handwritten note in the mail is a special, easy way to show your clients you care. If you have hundreds of clients, you can space this throughout the year. When you take the time to let your clients know how much you appreciate them, they will remember this for a long time. In turn, they will be more likely to remain loyal to your brand.

Send Personalized Gifts

While most people expect to receive gifts on major holidays and birthdays, they usually don’t expect to receive anything at other times. You can send a surprise gift that is personalized for your clients, which will spark some serious joy. Your clients will be more likely to appreciate receiving a random gift that is not associated with popular holidays. This can be a gift basket, gift card to their favorite local restaurant or store, or a personalized pen. Indeed, surprise gifts will wow your clients and remind them of why they have chosen to stay with your brand.

Offer Client Discounts Throughout the Year

When you offer client discounts, you don’t have to offer the same discount to all of your clients. This will be easier on your budget and allow you to create specific discounts for different types of clients based on how long they have been with your business. Examples include a buy one get one free deal for your services or products or winning free sites for one year. No matter what discount you provide, clients will be impressed with your commitment to keep them happy and offer them great deals for high-quality products and services.

Offer Awesome Customer Service

Nothing is worse than a client needing to contact you, but instead receiving an automated voice or robot to chat with. While this may be necessary if you offer 24/7 support, it’s essential to provide lightning-fast customer service from real people at your business. This will minimize clients’ frustration because they will be communicating with other people that can quickly assist them without much clarification. Indeed, providing great customer service is essential for showing clients you care and ensuring they stay loyal to you.

Send a Shoutout to Awesome Clients 

Do you have awesome clients doing amazing things in the world? These individuals and organizations deserve to be noticed, and you have an incredible opportunity to send them a shoutout via your website and social media platforms. Let these clients know how much you care about them and the amazing difference they are making on our planet.

Call Your Clients to Say “Thank You”

Pick up your phone and call a few clients just to say “Thank you. I appreciate you and your business.” As businesses, we can sometimes overthink the best and most extravagant ways to show our clients appreciation. However, it’s usually the small gestures that have the most impact. This phone call can make someone’s day much better, especially if they are having a rough day. Also, you can use this conversation to ask them how they are doing and if they have any questions or feedback about your products and services.

Donate to Your Clients’ Favorite Charity

You most likely already regularly donate to charities as a business. Did you know that you can also support charities that your client cares about too? Send your client an email or call them to find out what their favorite charities are. Let them know you would love to make a donation to their charity for that particular month. You will be doing something good for both your client and the charity, as well as showing your client how awesome you think they are. 

Surprise Your Clients with a Book

Like most of us, your clients probably stay pretty business in their everyday life. It can be nice to slow down and read a good book. What better way to show your clients you care than by sending them an awesome book? You can personalize the book by writing a simple thank you message from your business on the front page. Your clients will never forget this gesture and will gain some new knowledge and insight from the book you sent. 

We hope you enjoyed this week’s latest article. Even if you’re new to showing your clients how much you care, it’s never too late to give it a try. You will find that it feels great to do nice things for others and the benefits are significant. Loyal, existing customers will stay with your business, spread the word about how awesome you are, and offer valuable feedback to continue improving your brand. If you are on the hunt for affordable, web solutions, contact Awesome Website Guys today. We would love to become your new website partner!