The Internet has changed how businesses do business. At one point, only a few decades ago to be exact, a person would purchase from a business or use their services. If they didn’t like the product or service, they would tell their friends. The same applied to a positive experience, only it was more common to spread a negative experience. While this same thing happens to a degree today, word-of-mouth advertising is much more fierce and plays a much larger role in the success of a business. 

Nowadays, people can post reviews about your product or services and reach a large audience of people. It doesn’t help that many people instantly look at reviews before they give any business to a company. Therefore, a few negative, or even not-so-positive, reviews can easily scare away business. 

Therefore, if you’re looking to get more positive reviews, our digital marketing agency has a few tips to help. 


Get Current and Potential Customers Engaged on Social Media 

Some people may never post anything about your business because they have no need to. They were happy with your products or services, but it wasn’t anything that was momentous. 

One way you can encourage customer reviews is by holding a contest. Have people use hashtags or leave reviews about how they felt about your product or services. Then, one of those lucky reviewers will win some sort of prize, such as a discount on one of your products or even a coupon for a free service. 


Give an Incentive for Reviews 

Even some of the people who immensely enjoyed your products or services may not post about it online because there’s nothing in it for them. They don’t benefit in any way, shape, or form when they leave a review. This leaves much of the reviews from people who find it important to support your business and those who didn’t like your products or services. 

You can make it so more people who enjoyed your product or services comment by giving some type of incentive for reviews. For instance, everyone who leaves a comment could receive a 10% discount coupon. It’s not enough that it would completely harm your budget, but it’s enough to show people you appreciate their feedback. 


Ask Why People Gave You a Negative Review 

If you’re noticing that you have some negative reviews, ask why if they didn’t specify in their comments. Then, take it one step further and try to resolve their issue. They may then retract their negative comment and possibly leave you a positive one instead. 


Read Your Reviews 

Whether it’s glowing reviews doting over your superb customer service or complaints about your lengthy shipping process, take the time to read your reviews. Use it as feedback and guidance on improvements you can make within your business. Then, make changes within your company. You’ll notice that this will cause an increase in your positive reviews.


Make Your Reviews Noticed 

It doesn’t matter if you’re hiding your reviews because you’re worried about negative ones taking center stage or because it was just convenient; make it easy to find your reviews. Highlight the positive ones by making them the ones you see first when you visit your homepage or view your testimony section. That way, people feel like their opinion actually mattered to you, and the time they spent reviewing your product or service didn’t go unnoticed. 


Have an Easy-to-Navigate Page

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