One of the best ways to grow your business today is to focus on innovation and creativity. Statistics show that 84% of business executives believe that innovation is essential to growth. It can be challenging to keep up with creative ideas and new e-commerce tools in a world where technology moves quickly. Thankfully, you and your company can incorporate innovative thought into your everyday processes by implementing some good habits. Here are some tips to get you started.


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Study Social Media

At this point, most people are aware of how important social media is to their company’s growth. Knowing what and when to post, though, can be confusing. Thankfully, platforms like Instagram offer analytics that let you see when your audience is online and what content they are interested in. Be sure you have your business profile turned on, which will also allow you to sell products directly from your page.

To create eye-catching posts, you can do so with an Instagram post generator. There, you can use a template and customize it with your own text, colors, and font. You can also try a scheduler so you can upload your posts in batches and spread them out over weeks or months. This will keep your audience engaged, even when you can’t actively post.


Go Paperless

When you make jobs like accounting digital, you save yourself time and decrease the likelihood that essential documents will be lost. Cloud-based accounting software lets you handle tasks like sending digital invoices with ease. Not only will your finances be automatically organized, but your clients will appreciate the ease of payments.

Accounting software also allows you to organize and store your receipts so you can handle deductions with ease when you file taxes. If you don’t plan on filing taxes yourself, this will also be very useful to hand over to your accountant.


Build an Email List

With the rise of social media, email newsletters may seem less important. While platforms may gain and lose audiences, though, building your own email list means consistent access to clients who are interested in what you’re doing. The newly introduced newsletter tool on Twitter is proof that people still want news in their inboxes.

Whether you add a popup to your website or ask people to subscribe after a purchase, an email list offers you the ability to send discounts and news and engage your buyers on a deeper level. One of the best ways to keep clients engaged with your emails is by being innovative in the type of emails you are sending. This is the perfect opportunity to brainstorm by yourself or with your team and find unique ways to entertain your audience.


Take Advantage of Business Process Management

Business process management (BPM) is a systematic approach to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes. By streamlining operations and improving communication, BPM can help businesses to improve their bottom line and expand their reach. In addition, BPM can help businesses to improve their customer service and build a competitive edge. Structuring business process management initiatives is essential for any business looking to grow.


Use Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence still seems like something out of a sci-fi movie to most people, but AI is used on everything from customer service calls to hiring new employees. Whether you employ a chatbot to handle customer issues around the clock or use automated tracking tools to gauge your competition, AI can help you scale up without increasing your workforce.

By following some of the tips above like building an email list and using business process management and AI, you can be forward-thinking in your business while saving yourself loads of time. Remember to emphasize how vital innovation is to you when talking to employees. This will give them the confidence to do so as well and will benefit the company as a result.