Let’s Get Down to Business

Two guys go out for a run, one is a programmer and the other does internet marketing (sounds like the beginning to a joke, right?)  Well, we were sick of seeing the issues clients experience working with both large agencies and template based solutions.  See, our background comes from hands-on work in both the template industry and the agency side of the web business. There are some major pains with both!

Those cheap templates often put you in a box – and if you happen to need something not inside that box – you’re stuck! You build it yourself which means managing the hosting & servers. You are your own tech support (and Youtube). And often, people will spend a lot of their own time and a few hundreds dollars bangin’ their head against the desk at something they’re not happy with..

The larger agency sites are expensive – $8,000-$10,000 minimum to get in the door. Often you get a great product in the end but it takes 6-8 months or longer to complete (believe me), and in the end; these awesome website guys probably could’ve given you everything you wanted for 1/3 of the price because of our process.  So what do we do?

  1. We use a pre-built back-end system. All that means is while you pay for a custom admin panel from an agency, we didn’t reinvent the wheel. We use the same backend website dashboard as 26% of all the website in the world trusted by some of the biggest!
  2. We run a lean operation without sacrificing support and service.
  3. We focus on a quick turn-around with only the people involved that need to be. Less waste = less we need to charge you.
  4. In web development, there are several tasks that can take a significant amount of time. We’ve automated some processes which makes us more efficient.

We offer a top notch custom product without breaking the bank. We’d love to describe our unique process more and hopefully earn your business. Lets Chat!

NO BRAG Just Fact