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Whats Up, Guys? I’m Gerrick

Gerrick Phillips, SEO Expert
Hi All! I was born and raised in beautiful Billings, Montana. Out of high school, I moved to New York City where I trained with WordPress VIP and Core team members on how to properly build and maintain large scale WordPress websites. Since then I’ve continued growing my knowledge and excelled in advanced Search Engine Optimization, helping businesses strengthen their online brand recognition, marketing and advancing organic search rankings.
  • How I like my coffee: Light and sweet please.
  • Favorite Stache: Is Grizzly Adams a choice?
  • Born in: Billings, MT
  • Birthday: Dec 31st, 1975
  • Family: I love my life, which includes my wife, 4 kids, cat, dog, chickens and a big white duck too.
  • Free Time: When I'm not getting websites to the top of Google, you can find me outside or headed to the mountains. I love the outdoors, backpacking, hiking, fishing and am a long time musician.
NO BRAG Just Fact