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Whats Up, Guys? I’m Grace

Grace Routh, Graphic Designer
Being born and raised in the Carolinas, Grace will proudly claim the title of “beach bum” on almost any occasion and wears flip flops far too long into the winter. She begrudgingly traded her flip flops in for snow boots and ventured off to VA to attend Liberty University. Through some strange combination of indecisiveness, soul searching, and a love of learning, Grace took classes in history, pottery, business, and religion before finally declaring a major in graphic design. Now, 5 years later, she is using little bits of all of those in life while designing stunning websites for the Awesome website guys. As the designer for the AWG team, Grace looks forward to sitting down and collaborating with clients over some coffee or donuts. She loves dreaming and brainstorming with masters of their trade to create gorgeous and functional sites to best show off a business’ “good side.” A strong web presence is especially vital to small businesses and Grace truly enjoys being a part of the process that takes each business to the next level and brings them to life online!
  • How I like my coffee: Iced, with milk and sugar.
  • Favorite Stache: Any stache is a good stache :)
  • Born in: Charleston, SC but raised in NC
  • Birthday: Jul 22nd, 1991
  • Family: A husband of 7 years
  • Free Time: Reading on the beach, traveling, and horseback riding
NO BRAG Just Fact