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Whats Up, Guys? I’m Kelley

Kelley, Marketing

A little more about me:

Growing up in Indiana taught Kelley and valuable lesson – she hates cold weather. So, she packed up and moved to the Carolina coast. She knew she had a love for marketing since she was 15 and got her first job at a local ice cream parlor and started coming up with promotions to bring in customers. After that she headed off to Ball State University to major in Public Relations and has been marketing stuff ever since. She enjoys the complexity of marketing and seeing how all the pieces fit together to build a cohesive marketing strategy – from the way logos and words shape a brand to the performance of digital ads she loves everything in this industry. The most satisfying thing about this industry though is learning about interesting businesses and helping them connect with the right customers. Aside from marketing Kelley enjoys improv comedy, deep conversations with her dogs, rollerblading (it’s still cool, so stop laughing), singing out of tune, losing at Fantasy Football and traveling.
  • How I like my coffee: Ewwww. I’m a green tea girl.
  • Favorite Stache: Full blown beard
  • Born in: Auburn, Indiana
  • Birthday: Jan 3rd, 1986
  • Family: Two beloved fur children
  • Free Time: Traveling, Snowboarding, Soccer, Sprint Tris, Hiking
NO BRAG Just Fact