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Whats Up, Guys? I’m Michael

Michael Casper,

A little more about me:

Hi All! I was born in Louisville KY (pronounced ‘Lou-ah-vul’), and raised in Aurora IN. I went to Indiana University-Bloomington, worked for the Hoosier National Forest for a year before joining the Peace Corps and living in The Gambia, West Africa for 3 years teaching 8th grade science and computing to all age levels, and working as a Systems Analyst at the Dept of State for Education. This is where I met the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and we’ve been together ever since! I’ve worked as a Civil Engineer Technician, Teacher, ISP Technician, Senior Engineer and Business Analyst/Project Manager. I also have a Masters degree in International Development from Denver University and have worked in Rwanda deploying a coffee cherry mobile tracking application.

  • How I like my coffee: Black with some honey and cinnamon
  • Favorite Stache: Sam Elliot-Style
  • Born in: Louisville, KY
  • Birthday: Oct 18th, 1976
  • Family: Wife of 15 years, 8 year old son
  • Free Time: Smoking meat, hiking, camping, traveling, being w/ family
NO BRAG Just Fact