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Whats Up, Guys? I’m Michael

Michael Clemmons, Project Manager
Can you keep a secret? You should probably know upfront that while I’m known as the Project Manager Michael by day I’m actually the superhero Quailman by night. Don’t get it twisted…Tony may be a ninja in training but I’m the one with a bright red cape hanging in the closet. I was born at a very young age and my mom immediately called me “son” because I was so bright.

I’m normally not one to brag but I can convert oxygen into carbon dioxide like a boss! I enjoy gravity, the sound of cicadas, and playing the water glasses. I dislike the sound of styrofoam, the color orange, and sandstorms. Ok, ok…so maybe only like 15% of that is accurate. BUT, real talk, I do enjoy being busy, I love small businesses, I love local communities, I love to sing, and I love Jesus. Oh, and I try really hard to be as awesome as Daniel and David…
  • How I like my coffee: Strong, black, and over ice
  • Favorite Stache: Petite Handlebar with optional monocle
  • Born in: The Lower West Side...of Bolivia, NC
  • Birthday: Jun 17th, 1987
  • Family: Currently accepting applications for the position of "wifey." Applicants should be under 63 years of age and have all their real teeth. Interested parties can click here to request more info.
  • Free Time: Binge watching the Jimmy Fallon channel on YouTube
NO BRAG Just Fact