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Whats Up, Guys? I’m Tony

Tony Haring, Project Manager

Good news ladies and gents I’m running for President in 2020! I’ll be your first “Eurpolyasian” (your-poly-asian) Hawaiian, Chinese, Italian, Irish, English and Scottish president. I WILL WORK FOR YOU. My plan is to make Coca-Cola the national beverage, People who drink coffee without Sugar will get a ticket & December 29th will forever be a national holiday of AWESOME. And much more…

Accolades Include: Project Manager of the DECADE…Sorry MC 🙂

Ohhh I almost forgot please refrain from texting, calling or emailing between the hours of 9am-5pm Mon-Fri, I’m on the campaign trail folks…

  • How I like my coffee: SUGAR with more SUGAR
  • Favorite Stache: Fu Manchu
  • Born in: Raleigh, NC
  • Birthday: Dec 29th, 1980
  • Family: Youngest of three #imspoiled
  • Free Time: Secretly training to be a ninja....shhhh
NO BRAG Just Fact