A project manager must have incredible time managment skills, great organizational skills and be a professional juggler – of projects…  You need to be very personable, because you’ll be working with people all the time of course.  And not just anyone, our incredibley valuable and amazing clients.  Oh, and you’ve got to have a flexible schedule.  Here’s some skill-sets to check off as well:

  1. Very efficient and dependable to work on their own.
  2. Ability to develop and execute an effective plan uniquely suited for each client.
  3. Great at communicating with both our team and clients.

Location:  Brunswick County, NC

Hours:  20-30 hours per week

Compensation:  Negotiable


Think you have the skills?  Shoot us an email to info@awesomewebsiteguys.com with the following:

  1. Resume – preferably yours.
  2. Tell me a joke
  3. Point out the mistake in this job posting

-Stay Awesome!