Did you know?

38% of all site traffic is from bots.

Sure, that’s an alarming number. But what people often overlook is how that plays a role in your online advertising.

After all, even Google can’t detect and block all bots from clicking on your ads. And why would they? Those bots make them more money!

That’s why we’re announcing our official partnership with PPC Protect.

PPC Protect is the best-in-class solution for detecting and disallowing bots to drive up your advertising budget. The result is more efficient advertising leading to a higher return on investment. It’s a no-brainer really.

So if you’re spending ANY money on online ads right now, be sure to ask your media buyer if they’re monitoring bot clicks. If they aren’t, we’d love to jump in and help out.

New to PPC advertising?

Well, you have to start somewhere. And if you’re interested in giving it a whirl, we’re offering the first $100 at no cost.

Better yet, if you’re already on one of our marketing packages, we don’t charge for our ad/media buying services. That means that all of your budget goes toward the actual campaign’s performance and effectiveness (and not in our pockets).

Simply reply or send an email to support@awesomewebsiteguys.com if you’re interested.