A referral program is basically word-of-mouth advertising with a bit of an incentive. For some companies, it can increase their client or customer base and help to generate more revenue. The program may cost you a bit to keep it running, but it could reap more than what it takes to sow it. At Awesome Website Guys, we offer managed WordPress hosting and website design in Wilmington, NC, and throughout the country but would like to emphasize the importance of tactics like this one and how we can assist. 


General Information 

This type of marketing relies on people telling other people about your products or services. Instead of merely recommending to help expand your business, the person earns some type of reward for mentioning your company and sending business your way. For instance, maybe if you own a salon, the person will get 25% off their next cut and style. Maybe, you could give them a monetary bonus of $50 or $100 for every referral they give that utilizes your business. The amount depends on how much income you’re generating and expect to generate from this marketing. Other possible ideas for a referral program include the following:

  • Gift cards
  • Access to special goods or services 
  • Coupons
  • Points for a loyalty program
  • Free samples


Ideally, you need to offer superb customer service and ensure your products and services live up to customer or client expectations. It’s then they’ll be more likely to recommend you to others and want to receive whatever reward you’re offering, especially if it’s geared toward additional products or services or coupons. 


Why Referral Programs Work 

You may wonder why this is even necessary if people are already telling their friends and family. This is more reason to give a stellar review of your business and services or products. That individual will see they can get something special for recommending you to others, and they’ll do just that if the reward is enticing enough. 

And we should note that people often ask friends and family for referrals to everything from doctors to hairdressers to landscapers, and every service or product in between. Individuals trust their family and friends to guide them in the right direction, which is why this type of program works.  


When to Have a Referral Program 

This is strictly up to you. Some people have a continuous program that they always have. This can get costly for your business, especially if you don’t have limits on how many referrals they can give.

For some people, the referral program is a starting special that may run from a few months to their entire first year, depending on their needs. You can also make your referral program last for a few months, end it, and then bring it back again in the future. You could restart the program at times when you know business is a bit slower for you. 


Getting the Word Out

Make sure people are aware of your referral program and when you resume it. You might want to include it on your fliers and any in-print ads you have. Note it on your website so all the web users know you’re running it as well. 

Consider sending out emails and making social media posts regarding your referral program. The more people who know about it the better because it’s more opportunity for you. 

At Awesome Website Guys, we can help you with the advertising portion of your referral program. We can create online fliers and social media posts and incorporate it into your website content. Therefore, if you need assistance with your referral program or would like to use us for your managed WordPress hosting, website design in Wilmington, NC, or any of the other services we provide, let us know. 

You may reach us by calling 910-335-4348 or using our online form. And don’t forget to use our referral program as well!