WordPress is a website hosting and building program. While it’s one of the more well-known ones, others exist. This means you have a decision to make when you’re selecting a program. 

While we’re WordPress experts, we have experience with other options and would like to give you a simple breakdown to help you make a decision. And don’t forget that Awesome Website Guys offers managed WordPress hosting, WordPress management, and website building!


Very Diverse Program 

With certain programs, you’re limited on the features you can use. If you want a complex website with special features, a lot of programs won’t give you many options. With certain other programs, you might have a few options for themes but can’t customize them much. 

On the other hand, with WordPress, everything is highly customizable. Your site can be very basic and simplistic, or you can opt for us to use all the special functions, like plug-ins.  

Perhaps you saw something unique on another website while browsing the web; there’s a good chance we can incorporate it into your website through WordPress. The program has a variety of options to select from to customize your page as much as possible. Therefore, we can easily work with you and create an awesome page that meets both your preferences and needs. 



The entire point of having a website is to draw in business and showcase everything that sets you apart from your competition. If your website is constantly going down, you’re risking losing potential clients or customers every time it’s out because those individuals won’t be able to see what you have to offer. 

WordPress is a reliable program, and websites that use it have less downtime than the ones that use a competitor’s program. 

Sixty percent of all content management system markets are run by WordPress. Joomla is the next most common, and its market is 12 times smaller than WordPress’. We should mention that 34 percent of websites are powered by WordPress globally. It’s obvious that so many people and businesses are turning to WordPress because of its reliability. 



You can save your company money by using WordPress. The basic version is free. You will, however, have to pay a monthly fee for the higher-grade package. As of April 2022, the pro plan is $15 per month, and it’s billed annually. 


Support Is Easily Accessible 

With our managed WordPress hosting service, we can detect problems and correct them so you have as much time with your website up and functioning as possible. 

If there’s a problem a member of our WordPress management team can’t fix, WordPress has a support team that can correct the problem.   


Known Issues With Plug-Ins

We couldn’t have an honest blog about WordPress without mentioning some of the downfalls. It’s well-known that there are issues with the plug-ins. 

The program is known to use plug-ins for various reasons, and they can slow a website down. Sometimes, the plug-ins may interfere with other ones or could be coded poorly. 

At Awesome Website Guys, we’re well aware of this issue and keep it in mind when we code. As WordPress experts, we understand the plug-in problems and code carefully to prevent them. We also strive to avoid using ones that interfere with one another. 

WordPress has a strong reputation in the US and throughout the world, and it’s easy to see why. You can truly achieve the site you desire with WordPress, and it can be used for blogging as well. And at Awesome Website Guys, we offer WordPress hosting and management services.

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