You want to get your company or brand into the social media game, but are not sure how. If you are looking to get a social media marketing company, make sure that they don’t subscribe to these myths that don’t work for 2022 and beyond. Otherwise you could be making a very expensive mistake. 


It Might Be Hard to Find Customers in My Niche on Social Media


This is ‘throw in the towel” thinking before you even get started. There are a lot of people on social media and even a small percentage of them liking your items can still make you very successful. So do not limit yourself when it comes to doing your research. 


Look around the social media platforms and see how you can possibly target those niches. It may take a little bit, but as you gain a reputation for being an expert in this area, then more and more people will begin. Then your efforts will be worth it. 


It’s a Good Idea to Just Join Every Platform


There are a lot of different social media platforms out there. It can be tempting to try to join all of them and get your brand known. You have to consider that each one has a very different purpose and not doing it correctly can sink you. 


Ultimately, if you do adopt this strategy, unless you have a very diverse team of social media staff that can effectively target and deliver quality posts on each one, you run the risk of failure. That is because it will likely only be you and you could become a jack of trades but master of none. Plus you will feel pulled in a lot of different directions.


Only Interact With People Who Will Become Your Customers


Do not view talking with people on social media in terms of “Should I talk to them and then try to get them to buy things?” Social media users are usually savvy and can tell if they are just being seen as a mark. 


Think of this like real-life interactions if you were a physical store. If you treat someone well, they may have a family member or friend that would be interested in your merchandise. Be genuine and chances are excellent that your goodwill will pay off … It might not be quick but it will likely happen. 


These are some avoidable myths. Clearly communicate your social media wants to any company you hire and you should be fine.