Client Profile

Name: Virginia Ewing, Writer

Industry: Writing

Location: Raleigh, NC

Scope: Website, Marketing, and SEO

Project Duration: 2 months


Awesome Website Guy’s Approach for Writing Clients

Business Assessment and Project Scope

Before we began, AWG ensured that our agency aligned with this client’s KPIs and objectives. Through discovery calls and ongoing conversations, we fleshed out a clear scope for our client’s project. Since Virginia Ewing, Writer had an existing site, we evaluated their current site, where we determined that a complete revamp would be the best option for this client. 

Website Design and Functionality

Within the first few weeks, Awesome Website Guys created design mockups for our client. This is an essential step to set the tone for the rest of the project. Based on our client’s feedback, our website experts then built a personalized website with high quality text, images, and site layouts. This website featured a modern, professional design to help enhance and promote our client’s professional writing career. Once the site’s Raleigh website design was established, AWG implemented key elements to ensure the site was functional and relevant, such as an about page, awards and publications page, and a contact page.


Awesome Website Guys created a strategy for search engine optimization that helps local residents in their community discover Virginia Ewing, Writer’s site via search engines and social media platforms. Our approach included writing up-to-date content, making technical site updates, and generating new backlinks. This process will help drive site traffic and promote our client’s writing career in the Raleigh and surrounding communities of NC.

Project Results

Awesome Website Guys recently launched a new Squarespace site for Virginia Ewing, Writer, a North Carolina writer. This site is mobile-friendly, modern, and user-friendly to ensure that it can be easily accessed and viewed on any device. Our client’s site is also optimized for SEO, which will help our client’s site gain even more traffic and rank higher for local SEO in their community.

Team Deliverables

  • Created modern writing website
  • Optimized website for SEO and promoting client’s writing career
  • Integrated social media channels on site to help grow site’s branding and inbound links


Why the Virginia Ewing, Writer Site Is Successful

As a popular CMS (content management system), Squarespace was a great choice for our client. Virginia Ewing, Writer’s site is search engine friendly, which will help drive site traffic and promote their writing career in the local community. Since their site is on Squarespace, our client can easily manage, update, and edit their site. These factors help create a sustainable site that can grow with our client. Indeed, this will help them continue to be successful.