Over the years, businesses have become more focused on doing social good. At its core, altruism is promoting the welfare of others without any expectations for rewards. Businesses have an incredible opportunity to leverage their resources, connections, and team to create a better world one day at a time. The old saying, “Take care of your customers, and the customers will take care of your business” is spot on. When businesses take the time to create value that their customers deserve, it shifts the relationship from being all about making money to about creating lasting partnerships based on care, respect, and trust. Let’s take a look at what Awesome Altruism is and how our initiatives go beyond the surface of creating change.



What is Awesome Altruism?

Here at Awesome Website Guys, Awesome Altruism is about creating effective change, always doing the right thing, and having a direct impact on human lives. To ensure we have a positive impact, we measure altruism based on the effectiveness we have on people’s lives. As a team, we strive to always do the right thing because our customers deserve it. Rather than see altruism as a way to boost profits, we view altruism as a way to have a real impact on people’s lives.

How We Are Helping Others

You may be wondering how we are helping others. After all, words are empty without action. As a small business with a big heart, we are driven by the need to help others and create a better future. AWG has three core initiatives, which includes protecting our planet, the diversity initiative, and education and youth development.

  • Protecting the Earth: We plant trees to help save our awesome planet. A tree is planted every time: a user visits our website, a lead is generated (i.e. user fills out a form, contacts us, starts a partnership with us, etc.), and a site is launched. Check out how many trees have been planted so far.
  • The Diversity Initiative: We strive to create a world filled with inclusivity and opportunities for all. To learn how to do better, we work on unlearning our hidden defaults as individuals and local communities. Additionally, we empower underestimated entrepreneurs and business owners to help achieve this goal.
  • Education and Youth Development: Across different communities, we are teaching at colleges, promoting education, and offering more accessible knowledge on a global scale. Our youth are our future, so it is essential that we do our part to help them learn and grow. As WordPress experts, we teach business owners and entrepreneurs about the power of owning a website. For clients, our AWG team takes the time to help our clients, partners, and prospects learn about whatever they can.

Join Our Efforts

Are you interested in helping us in protecting our environment? That’s awesome! We are currently holding Awesome Earth cleanups in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. These events are an easy way to have a big impact on our planet, as well as build new relationships with other like-minded people that care for our home. These events will take place on the first Saturday of every month, so we can create sustainable impact. We hope you enjoyed this week’s article. Awesome Website Guys may be a small business, but we are made up of 40 individuals with big hearts that care about each other, our clients, local communities, and planet. If you would like to learn more about our altruism initiatives, affordable website solutions, or anything else, please contact Awesome Website Guys today. We would love to become your new website partner!