At Awesome Website Guys, we pride ourselves on being WordPress experts. Besides our managed WordPress hosting and other similar services, we offer logo design. You may wonder why you should opt for this service, though, when you could find an online site that offers it for little to nothing. 


More Options 

When you use a pre-generated template or an online program for logo creation, it’s definitely convenient. You may not have to spend much, or any, money to receive this service. However, it’s one of the cases where you get what you pay for – little to nothing. You might have a logo at the end of the program, but it surely won’t look professional. It won’t capture the elements that make your business unique. 

When you hire a company that specializes in logo design, you have countless options to choose from so you may have a logo that truly represents your company and every aspect that makes your business unique. 


Logo Is Part of the Face of Your Business

Certain elements of your initial marketing plan are parts your prospective customers or patients are seeing before they take a look at your website or schedule an appointment or purchase a product or schedule a service. 

Your logo, however, is the key feature that welcomes these individuals and is often the first impression they have of your business. When you have a poorly designed logo, you’re giving those individuals a negative first impression of your company, which could lead to them finding another company that has a professional appearance. 


Logo Is Part of Branding

Branding is the process of giving your company specific features that set it apart from the rest. It requires a great deal of market research and an understanding of the importance of a static brand. Part of your branding is your logo. If your logo doesn’t blend into what the rest of your brand is, your branding will fall short. 

You can take on this important task yourself, but it can harm your profit and growth. When you hire a professional logo designer, they understand branding and how to blend your logo in with the rest of your brand. 


Get a Look That Encompasses Who You Are 

It’s easy to choose features for your logo that you like without genuinely thinking about you are and what your company is. When you hire a professional for logo design, the expert will encompass the factors that make your company unique and emulsify it into one design. You might be able to choose components you like, but they won’t actually exhibit what you do and are. 


Create a Logo That’ll Grow With You 

Just putting together a logo by dragging and clicking will give you a logo. We’re not denying that. However, does that logo have the potential to grow with you? Or is it one of those elements you’ll retire in a few years once your business is expanding? With a logo you create, there isn’t much room for you to grow. The logo doesn’t look professional and will become an element you want to change in a few years. 

With a professional logo design, you’ll have a logo you’ll love for years to come and that will grow with you. We should mention that part of our logo service is researching your target market, determining what they like, and predicting what they’ll want in a business like yours in the future. We use this information when we create the logo to create a look that’s evergreen. 

Awesome Website Guys offers a variety of services, such as managed WordPress hosting and web design. Besides being WordPress experts and web design professionals, we’re also logo design experts who can ensure you have a logo that’ll help build your business and grow along with it. 

Contact Awesome Website Guys today to discuss your business’ marketing needs. You may use our online tool or call 910-335-4348.