If your website is not using Google Search Console, you need to seriously consider this platform for increasing your prominence online. To understand how the tool works, it helps to review its benefits.

Anyone who has a website or designs websites should use Google Search Console. In fact, you should become acquainted with the tool to optimize your site in the SERPs. If you don’t use the tool, you can miss some important insights about attracting traffic and marketing your products or services online. 

How SEO Professionals Use Console

While business owners can optimize their site using Google Search Console, SEO professionals can use the Google feature to track website traffic, make decisions about a site’s design, and optimize a website’s ranking. You can also glean technical information from Console to perform advanced marketing analyses in collaboration with Google tools, such as Google Ads, Google Trends, and Google Analytics.

Site Administration

Are you a site administrator? If so, you can use Console to track and resolve errors, including security problems, such as malware and hacking, or load issues for your site. Using Console enables you to adjust or maintain your sites so searches run smoothly. 

Web Development

Web developers can use Console to take care of markup difficulties, such as structured data errors.

As you can see Google Search Console allows web owners, web designers, site administrators, and web developers to improve and enhance a website so people can reach the site and navigate it more easily. If you don’t use Google Search Console, you are missing out on some great SEO and operational benefits.

What a Quick Review Will Reveal

A quick review of Search Console will show:

  • If Google understands your site’s content
  • Where in the SERPs your content is displayed

To obtain this information, insert the site URL into the Page filter and access the Queries tab.

This small bit of information can reap you big results when it comes to adding content or repurposing it on your site.

If the keywords coordinate well with the content, or make sense, Google will also understand your site’s content. However, if the keywords really do not support the written content, Google will not understand the content either. Is your target keyword clear? Does it make sense to use it in the content? If not, it certainly will not be clear to Google.

How to Make a Wrong Keyword Right

If you run into a keyword problem on Console, you need to do the following:

  • Change the metadata – the title tag and meta description
  • Look at the topic in the introduction – Is it clearly presented?
  • Include a clear keyword–one related to the content–at the beginning of the article

To choose the right term, you need to perform a SERPs analysis on Console. Type a query and see what posts rank in the top of the SERPs. This will give you a better picture of what Google understands and wants to see.