Many business owners get the pleasure of working from home, at least occasionally. While this provides its share of benefits, when you have children, it can make the summertime a bit complicated. And while you may have gotten this far, this is oftentimes when kids start getting a bit antsy. They’re bored, but most of them aren’t bored enough to be ready for school. 

So, how can you handle being a business owner and keeping your children behaved and happy these last few weeks? We’re a website design company offering Greensboro web design and website design throughout the country. From our time in the industry and many of us working from home, we’ve compiled some useful hints to survive the last month of summer break. 


Start a New Schedule for Sleep Early 

If you’re anything like most parents, a few weeks before school starts, you probably start having your children go to sleep early once again. It’s a pain, but it can help your kids readjust to the school year schedule more easily. There’s no reason why you can’t start a little early this year. It can give you time to work at night and ensure your children are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed each morning, giving you an easier time during the day overall. 


Brainstorm Some Creative Activities to Do 

They’ve played in water. They’ve gone for hikes. They went to an amusement park and did just about every craft in that giant book of summer ideas for kids. At this point, they’ve basically done every part of summer and may be starting to get a bit restless and antsy. 

It’s time for you to get creative and brainstorm some ideas for them to do. Maybe they could make a homemade slip-and-slide or sprinkler system using pool noodles. You could place all the crafting supplies on a table and have them decide what they want to create without a guide to help. And these are merely some ideas. The whole idea is to keep them busy. You’ll have fewer headaches and be able to get more done as your children are occupied.


Encourage Them to Get Outside 

Outdoors has fresh air, sunshine, and a world of opportunities for your children. Even if they’ve been outside most of the summer, keep encouraging them to get out there. There’s still so much for them to do and see out there. And before you know it, the weather will be unsuitable to go and enjoy nature every day. 

Plus, you’ll have this time to work, and they’ll be tired at the end of the night. Therefore, you’ll have time then to work as well. 


Get Them Involved in a Reading Program

Many libraries have programs where a child gets rewarded for reading a certain number of books, and the more he or she reads the more prizes. Sign your children up, and watch them dedicate hours to get prizes. Your children are learning, while you’ll have some quiet time to get things accomplished.  


Consider a Day Camp Program

It’s a long shot since many summer camps happened in July, but see if there are any summer camps to get your kid involved in, even if it’s only for a week. This is the time your kids can enjoy being around other children and have an opportunity to do something new. But it’s also time you can take to get everything you need to be done for your business. 


Get Help With Your Marketing and WordPress Management 

Although it can help your business to get your kids active, you only have so many summers to enjoy. So, take as many opportunities as you can to enjoy this time with your children. One way to have more time is to get some help with marketing and other tasks to free up your time. This is when our Myrtle Beach website design company can help. 

At Awesome Website Guys, we’re a Greensboro website design company, with offices in other locations as well, trying to make busy individuals’ lives easier with our services. Our goal is to help your company succeed while easing some of that pressure on you. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our services and how they could help you this summer, contact us at 910-335-4348, or use our online contact form to request a callback.