In the web dev space, developers are called by different names. Some are considered frontend while others are backend. Sometimes, developers are called by a specific skill. For instance, React developers.


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Who Is a Front-End Developer?

Front-end developers work on the client-side of things. They focus on what users see and interact with – the elements of a webpage and how they behave.


A front-end developer is a web programmer who codes the structure and style of web pages and their behavior. For instance, the way headers are laid out, how a button behaves when clicked, the position of an image, and so on.


5 Popular Front-End Programming Languages

HTML — HyperText Markup Language

HTML determines the structure of a webpage and the elements in it. For instance, it is used to code which texts are headers and what kind of headers they are, the navigation menu on a web page, tables, headers, and footers.


HTML is usually the first language that a beginner in web programming learns, mostly because it’s relatively easy to grasp.


CSS — Cascading Style Sheets

CSS determines the style of web page elements. For instance, the color of the page background, how elements are laid out on the page, and the layout on a mobile device. An expert front-end dev knows to style a website that allows seamless user experiences.


JS — JavaScript

JavaScript is a more complicated programming language that deals with the behavior of the elements on a page. For instance, what happens when a user uses a search bar or when they submit a form.



React is a front-end framework that uses JavaScript as the primary language. Facebook programmers developed React, and the Meta corporation now manages it. React creates fast web pages that process data without reloading and refresh at amazing speeds.



Angular is a programming language built on TypeScript, as opposed to JavaScript. It’s mostly used for developing enterprise-level web applications. The engineering team at Google developed Angular.


Being a front-end developer is usually the entry-level point in web development. So, don’t wait to build your front-end dev skills and land the perfect job. 


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