One of the top web design trends of 2021 is abstract art and it’s easy to see why. Abstraction literally means the distancing of an idea from objective referents. That means, in the visual arts, pulling a depiction away from any literal, representational reference points. You can also call abstract art nonrepresentational art. In simpler terms abstract art is about seeing with your mind and not your eyes. When understanding what this type of art represents you can begin to see the appeal of taking this concept and using it as a web design. Let’s look at some of the ways this type of design is a popular choice.


What’s the Appeal?

Web designers are taking the traditional abstract shapes such as circles and squares and putting a new spin on it. Utilizing these shapes while adding to it more complex features gives a fresh new look. When bright colors are used, the design becomes expressive, energetic and eye-catching. One of the many advantages of using abstract art is that oftentimes it takes the place of a person or figure while still showing emotion. 


When Should I Use it?

If you’re looking for ways to express emotions, capture ideas and get interaction with your subscribers then abstract art design may be what you need for your website. Unlike a photograph that is most often used to define the subject, there are no limitations to your imagination. Sometimes when using photographs with a person, readers tend to associate that person as the definition of the brand or company and if they don’t look like them then they can’t relate to the brand or lifestyle that they are representing. Being able to have a blank slate to blend colors and shapes to identify your vision is a fresh new way to go.  By combining multiple elements in the same image, a designer can use abstract illustration techniques more effectively than photography to tell visual stories and capture the essence of a brand’s image. The most popular uses of abstract art are for tech products, apps, and web design startups. 


Where Do I Begin?

Let’s break down what abstract art consists of to understand where to start. Lines, shapes, and color are the most important aspects in this type of design. The texture of your design needs to have a three-dimensional feel to it but layering the lines, shapes, and colors. Some projects have a ‘light or dark’ feel to it and oftentimes have a theme. Additionally, sometimes your art design may have multiple meanings depending on the viewer. The key to abstract art doing what you want it to do is to remember not to clutter the elements. The most popular way to use this design trend is as a background element. Most importantly try and have fun with this type of design; your imagination is your limitation. 


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