Protecting the Earth

By planting trees for just about every reason we can think of or holding cleanup events to keep our earth clean and debris free, we aspire to save our planet through our work.

The Diversity initiative

We wish for a world filled with inclusivity and opportunity for everyone. Through our work on diversity, we empower underestimated entrepreneurs and business owners.

Education and Youth Development

We are proud educators within many communities. We teach at colleges, take part in programs, and thrive to offer more accessible knowledge to the world.

Why is it called Awesome Altruism?

Care Effectively

In order to make the largest impact, altruism is measured by the effectiveness we have on people's lives.

Always Do the Right Thing

For us, it's not just "customers are always right." It's "partners shall get the value they deserve."

Forget About Money

We don't do what we do for any financial gain. Our work is pointed directly toward the impact we can make on human lives.

Awesome Altruism Events

We hold tree planting and earth cleanup events.

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