At Awesome Website Guys, we’re used to working with startups. Better yet, we’re quite accustomed to working with high-growth organizations with a lot on the line. Since we keep up with the many ways that great ideas come to fruition, we have had the great pleasure of working with hundreds of businesses that are taking advantage of new crowdfunding regulations.

What do we do for these crowdfunding projects?

Well, our involvement typically takes on two different lifeforms across the process.

For starters, we have built many of the websites that are used as reference and due diligence that accompanies the crowdfunding listing itself. This is an important aspect to the campaign since any smart investor is going to want to make sure the raising company is professional, legitimate, and trustworthy. The website, for this reason, becomes the source of key information and materials that lead to a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Next, we actually help companies raise the funds they need. We have great relationships with WeFunder, Republic, SeedInvest, and more. This allows us to leverage our network to help get the word out for the campaign.

We’ve also helped entrepreneurs realize the value of crowdfunding to begin with. Since it’s such an exciting arena right now, all you have to do is know how to position your campaign, message your pitch, and ensure your company will be perceived in a positive and professional way.

Crowdfunding Success Stories

To date, we’ve helped our partners raise over $10 million in crowdfunding capital. Once these campaigns are successful, we then partner with these entities to manage and optimize their website. This is when the real work starts. Investors that have come on board are now expecting the business to follow-through and build a great business. Our partnership allows the team to do that without worrying about their website at all. After all, we have that part under control.

Getting Started with Awesome Website Guys

If you’re looking for funding, currently running a crowdfunding campaign, or are just curious about how all of this works, we encourage you to reach out to us so that we can help you in any way we can.

As suggested in this article, we’ve done this sort of thing many times. There isn’t much risk other than the upfront work required to get your campaign ready. That makes crowdfunding, and partnering with us on your website pretty much a no-brainer.

Let’s do some awesome things together!