An estimated 41 percent of Americans work from home, which is an 87 percent increase prior to the current pandemic. Whether you are new to remote work or are a seasoned pro, it is always helpful to find new tips for maximizing your work productivity and being successful. Here at Awesome Website Guys, our team of 40 digital experts are fully remote and based in the U.S. To help you stay on your A-game all year, we have asked our AWG team for their tips for working from home. Keep reading to find out how our team stays successful.

1. Set Up a Workspace

When you work from home, it’s essential to set up a dedicated workspace. This will help you get in the work mindset, stay focused, and feel more professional. After all, you will be spending a lot of time at work, so it’s recommended that you create a space that is comfortable and personalized.

Workspace Tips:

  • Find a central location for your home office, where you can keep your computer, supplies, and resources organized and easy to access.
  • When possible, choose a quiet room to work from. This will help reduce the number of distractions and also communicate professionalism during phone and video meetings.
  • Make sure your home office has good lighting, a supportive chair, and high-speed Internet. Nothing is worse than struggling to see your work, being uncomfortable, and/or always disconnecting from your work. If you work remotely, these are worthy investments.
  • Personalize your workspace, just like you would at an office. Hang up pictures of loved ones and inspirational quotes to help you stay motivated and focused on your professional goals.

2. Establish a Daily Routine

Establishing a daily routine is a key tip for staying productive and focused. This will help you feel more in control of your time, as you know what to expect. Make time for eating meals, taking breaks, completing family duties, and doing things you enjoy.

Routine Tips:

  • Be realistic with your daily routine. Unlike schedules, this is more of a guide of what you do on a typical day.
  • Find ways to help you get into work mode, such as getting into your “work” clothes. Yes, a nice shirt and comfy pants make great work outfits. Or you can start your work day with a quick workout and protein shake. Incorporate these activities into your routine based on your needs.
  • Be kind to yourself. No matter what, there are some days when routines go out the window. You may need to care for a sick loved one, your internet connection is down, or maybe you just need to take a day off. The routine will be there when you get back. We promise.

3. Take Breaks

If people worked 24/7, a lot of work could get done. Or you may think. When you don’t take breaks, your work productivity, focus, and overall accuracy decreases. This leads to wasted time, money, and errors that need to be fixed. Indeed, it’s recommended that you take regular breaks throughout your work day. This avoids getting burnt out, which can happen if you don’t take the time to take care of yourself. Furthermore, when you stare at a computer screen for several hours without a break, this can possibly lead to Computer Vision Syndrome. This comes with unpleasant symptoms, including eye discomfort, headaches, blurry vision, and dry eyes, as well as back, neck, and shoulder pain.

Break Tips:

  • Every 1 to 2 hours, take a break from work to stretch, clear your mind, and rest your eyes. You can also use this time to get some fresh air, when possible.
  • The AOA (American Optometric Association) recommends the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes, take a 20 second break away from a screen to look at something 20 feet away.
  • When you take regular breaks, it helps reduce the likelihood for feeling stressed out at work.

4. Have a Support System

For most people, they have many obligations between school, work, and family. Working from home requires you to strike a balance between work and home life, which isn’t always easy. It’s recommended that you have a support system, which will help you not only stay successful but also avoid feeling burnt out from all of your obligations.

Support System Tips:

  • Ask your friends and family to help out when they can. If you are a parent, a friend or family member could come over every week to cook dinner or help do chores.
  • Communicate your needs with your support system, so they can set aside time in their schedules to be there for you.
  • If you have kids and they are old enough to understand, explain to them what it means to work from home. When they understand that there is a time for you to work and a time to play, this will help reduce frustrations and hurt feelings.
  • Let your family and friends know how important your work is and that you appreciate their support, which will help you stay successful.

5. Create To-Do Lists

Starting your day with a specific set of tasks to accomplish will help you stay focused and motivated to complete your work each day. If you are constantly trying to remember what to do, this can waste time that could have been spent on the actual work itself. Being organized and realistic is key when it comes to daily to-do lists.

To-Do List Tips:

  • There are several ways to create to-do lists, such as writing them down on paper, typing them up in a note app, or even adding them to a calendar.
  • You can create lists for everything from big projects to quick, daily tasks.
  • When you are organized and know what to do, this will help you get your work done on time and be satisfied when you check off items on your list.

6. Connect with Others

Even though you work from home, you still need to socialize both with co-workers and clients. This is crucial for your mental health and being actively involved in your work. Due to today’s technology, there are several options for connecting with other people.

Virtual Connection Tips:

  • Attend weekly or monthly web meetings with your co-workers to discuss work and future plans for the company.
  • Suggest creative ways to interact virtually, such as book club meetings. Use these interactions to build stronger work bonds and learn more about your co-workers, as well as what others do to be successful at working from home.
  • Connect with friends and family on a regular basis, so you don’t feel isolated. You can schedule a video chat, phone call, or even go on a walk together.

We hope you enjoyed our latest article. Like traditional work environments, working from home has its pros and cons. These tips will make it a little easier to stay focused, organized, and productive both at work and life in general. If you need an affordable web solution for your business, contact Awesome Website Guys today.