When you hire us for website design in Raleigh, NC, or opt for one of our other services, such as social media or blogging, you receive the finished product, and you may be surprised to see that it perfectly aligns with what your target market would want. Then, within a short period, you may see just how much traffic it brings to your site or how many customers it lures into your store. That finished product takes a lot more than what you may know. For instance, when you have content written, the brains behind it may create a marketing persona for you. 

While we’re known for being WordPress experts, we’re also marketing experts and understand various aspects of it thoroughly. So what exactly is this marketing persona we’re talking about, and how does it help us create content? 

General Information

A marketing persona is a fictitious person our marketing professional will create based on your company and what you’re telling us about it, such as your mission, values, and other information about your brand. This person is someone who could possibly be a client or customer of yours. 

We’ll determine their likes, dislikes, and normal routine. We’ll determine what could be prospective issues that are preventing them from coming into your shop or visiting your website and making a purchase. 

We use all this information to help us craft content to meet the persona’s needs and desires. 

How Does It Help?

A persona helps us because we then can understand your target audience more comprehensively by getting into their heads. We get to know what motivates your average customer or client. We learn what kind of lifestyle they tend to lead and understand how your company can better serve them or make it easier for them to utilize your products or services.

Essentially, creating a marketing persona gives us insider information as to who your target marketing is. 

How We Create a Marketing Persona

Here’s what you should know about the process: 

Drawbacks of Surveys

While a standard way to gain insight into your customers is through surveys, this is a time-consuming process. And if you’re a new small business, you don’t really have anyone to ask about your business. Even if you’re an established business, it doesn’t necessarily mean people will be willing to complete a survey to assist, and it requires cooperation to work.  

Importance of Our Meet-and-Greet With You

Therefore, it’s often easier for us to use any information we can gather about your company and create this fictitious person. To figure out information, one of our marketing professionals will start by asking you questions about your company, what you offer, and how you want to present yourself and your business. 

Extra Research

Sometimes, it takes us conducting a bit of extra research to better understand your target market, but to us, it’s working when we can create an accurate depiction of someone who would use your product or services. 

One way we perform this research is through an internet search for your competitors. We see what they’re selling, who most of their clients are, and their marketing strategy. We never copy your competitor’s strategy, Instead, we use the insight we gain to take your marketing plan one step further, above and beyond what your competitor is offering. 

After we gather enough information, we basically fill out a profile for this make-believe customer. Then, we use it with whatever content we create, and you then receive the finished product that seems to embody exactly what you’d want to convey to your ideal audience. 

At Awesome Website Guys, we know what it takes to create a marketing plan, especially for your business. As WordPress experts, we also know how to manage your website. So basically, what we’re trying to say is we can handle all your marketing needs and proven methods like creating personas to help.  

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