Out-of-home advertising has traditionally been one of the most popular forms of advertisement. OOH allows advertisers to reach a large number of people with ads that are made to be seen and catch the eye. However, with people becoming increasingly invested in their cellular devices with time, many feel that OOH advertising might be obsolete in its effect on the masses. There seems to be a greater focus towards advertising on smaller screens than putting up huge screens for advertisements, with many people going for the cheaper mobile or online ads rather than OOH ads.

However, you should not be discouraged about using OOH advertising for your business. It still has considerable influence on people and still shows very good returns. After all, throwing your name and your slogan in front of many people through a giant screen is not something that will disappoint. While, it may be unreliable because you don’t know your reach, there’s a method for giving yourself that assurance as well. That assurance comes from mobile tracking.

What is Mobile Tracking?

Just like it sounds, you can track people using their smartphones. This can be done in a number of legal ways and easiest of them is through advertising. Using IP addresses, you can check if a person in another certain area and their presence can be turned into an advertisement opportunity by sending them an ad. People are spending more and more time outside their homes and with the increased popularity of smartphones, OOH can be modified to fit the public’s needs to. You can’t force people to look up at your ads, but what you can do is send them an ad on the devices when they’re in an area that’s close to where your OOH ad is situated.

But How Does it Justify the OOH Advertisement?

By sending a person an ad on their device, you basically give them a snippet – a piece of information about your business or any deal that it might be offering. Hence, your name is already in a part of their mind. When they venture out on the streets, or look up from their car window, and see your OOH advertising glaring right into their eyes, they will associate their phone advertisement with your OOH ad. The result is recognition and familiarity, which results in a greater affinity with your business and what it has to offer.

With mobile advertisement tracking, you can make the most of your OOH ads with something that not only backs them up, but gives them the push they need to have a lasting effect on people. Mobile tracking can help you justify your OOH advertising and give them the support they need to have the effect you desire from them.