All of us have created a resume before, but a technical resume is the new way to present what you have to offer to potential employers. A tech resume is very similar to a regular resume, however this type of resume lists experiences, job history and skills that outline your ability to succeed in a technical role. Something to think about when creating your resume is what positions you are applying for and then making sure your background is related to that position. Because of the rapidly evolving technical world we live in, it’s very important to stay competitive. Let’s take a look at some examples of tech resumes and key items you should have listed within your own resume. 




Just like on a regular resume, you need to have a skills, education & work experience section. However, a technical resume will need a technical resume summary. This summary is at the top of your resume just below your contact info. Your summary should provide the employer an overview of your most important credentials as well as a quick forecast of the information that appears within the rest of your profile. 



There are several tech resume formats to choose from. Below are a couple of examples of what they may look like:


If you want to review some of these templates Resume Builder has several formats to choose from. Be sure to pick a format that looks professional, clean and sleek. Remember, you want your tech resume to stand out above the rest.

Layout Types


Technical resumes have two types of layouts, classic chronological & modern function. The classic layout works the best for those that do not have any employment gaps and you list those in chronological order. Be sure that these jobs listed have relatively decent levels of responsibility. The modern layout focuses more on what skills you have that pertain to the job you are seeking. This format does not include past responsibilities, jobs or accomplishments. The modern function layout focuses more on your future career and the skill sets you currently have for that career. Whichever layout you choose, both are acceptable and are sure to be eye-catching. 


Other Tips


-If you have a LinkedIn account or other social media platforms, you are able to add the link to your technical resume. Be sure, however, to only add these accounts if they will be beneficial to your desired employer. 

-A technical resume contains a special section for your technical skills to be listed. Some examples of these types of skills would be design skills, presentation skills, software skills, leadership & management skills, and foreign language skills. 

-Make sure there are no paragraphs on your resume, stick to one liners and bullet points to ensure it flows smoothly and looks professional. 

-Your resume should be short, concise and no more than 2 pages long.

-Attaching your online portfolio to your resume is a great way to stand out among other contenders. This shows your skills in action as well as your ability to stay organized.


I hope you enjoyed this article on technical resumes and how to create one. As you can see there are many different options when writing a technical resume so be sure to make it your own. Contact Awesome Website Guys today to learn how we can personalize your web design and make it as unique as you are.