A recent report from the Stanford Institute of Economic Policy Research indicates that 42 percent of Americans work full-time from home. Whether you have been working from home since the pandemic or have been remote for years, it’s essential that you take regular breaks. Just like athletes must take breaks in between practice sessions to maintain their performance, remote workers must take breaks to maintain their productivity and focus. If you try to work non-stop without any breaks, it can lead to serious burnout, stress, and even getting sick. Let’s take a closer look at some easy tips for taking breaks while working remotely.

1. Make Breaks a Priority

Whether you work full or part-time, you will be much more productive, focused, and happy if you prioritize taking breaks. Find out your company’s policy on breaks as everyone has different rules. Once you know these rules, you can create a regular break schedule much like you would at an in-office job or at school. Breaks should include time for eating, bathroom breaks, and getting up and moving. 

Break Schedule Idea:

  • Bathroom break at 10 am
  • Go to lunch from 12 – 1 pm
  • Bathroom and stretch break at 3 pm

You can customize your break schedule to fit your specific needs. No matter what you choose, try to maintain a consistent routine. This will help prevent you from feeling overwhelmed at work and allow your brain to take a break. You work hard and deserve those moments of rest and relaxation.

2. Communicate with Your Team and Family

Since people are not mind readers, it’s important to let your teammates and family know about your break schedule. If your company uses a communication software like Slack or Teams, you can simply change your status to “Away” on your breaks. This lets your team know you are busy at the moment. As for your family, they are mostly likely at home with you amidst the pandemic. Give them a heads up when you are on break, so they can respect this special time you have carved out for yourself. For parents, you can explain to your kids that you are taking a break, but will spend time with them later on. 

3. Exercise

Exercise is an excellent, healthy idea for taking breaks. It may seem counterintuitive to workout if you are already tired, but exercise helps naturally boost your energy levels and overall mood. Even if you only have 10 minutes, there are so many options for quick workouts.

Quick Exercise Ideas:

  • Brisk walk
  • Cardio
  • High knees
  • Jogging around your house
  • Planks
  • Sit ups
  • Stair climbing

4. Meditate

Meditation is an effective way to achieve a clear and calm mind. It’s helpful to find a quiet and comfortable space where you can focus on clearing your mind of all thoughts from work and your personal life. Many people like to light a candle or burn incense to help create a relaxing atmosphere. Meditating isn’t always easy to do in the beginning, but as you practice it, it can be a beneficial way to refocus when you return from your break. This tip will help you live in the moment, which will improve your productivity and focus in all aspects of your life, as well as reduce any stress caused by racing thoughts. 

5. Read

Like meditation, reading is another excellent way to get your mind off of work. By diving into a good book, you can allow your mind to take a break from everything you still have to do that day. Those to-do lists will be there when you get back from break. As an added bonus, reading is a great way to expand your knowledge and learn new perspectives. Remember, knowledge is power!

6. Connect with Loved Ones

Being by yourself isn’t the only option for taking breaks. You can also connect with your friends, family, and furry companions. Since humans need social connections to maintain our mental health and wellbeing, this is a healthy tip to follow no matter where you work. Even if it’s a quick video chat, phone call, or text message, it feels good when we catch up with our loved ones. For pet owners, you can cuddle with them or go on a quick stroll around the block. This helps take your mind off of work and remember all the people and pets that love you. 

7. Eat a Healthy Snack

When you transition from in-office to home, it’s a big adjustment. Depending on where you worked, your office likely had a fully stocked kitchen with yummy snacks and drinks for employees. Now that you work from home, you may forget to take those much needed snack breaks. Healthy snacks are a great, quick option to give your body and mind the fuel it needs to get through a full day at work. This is much better than eating less nutritious junk food, which does not give you lasting energy.

Healthy Snack Options:

  • Avocado toast
  • Cheese sticks
  • Dark chocolate (yes please!!)
  • Fruit
  • Granola bars
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Nuts
  • Raw veggies and hummus
  • Smoked salmon on crackers

After reading these easy tips, we hope you are inspired to find new ways to maximize your work from home life. There are so many options for how to take breaks, which would make this a long list. If you are looking for the best work from home gadgets, check out Cable Comparison’s article. If you are considering a rewarding career that gives you the freedom to work when and where you want, check out Awesome Website Guys today. If you are looking for an international work from home job, head over to Jooble.com.