As we approach the end of summer, kids are going back to school. Halloween is approaching. And after that comes a mad rush of one holiday after another. Then, it’s spring, and all the holidays associated with that season. After, comes summer, which offers a celebration of the beginnings of our country. Next, we start at the beginning. Each transition, throughout the season, and around the holidays mark prime times to create posts related to the time of the year. Here’s why this is so beneficial to the company, as noted by Awesome Website Guys, a business specializing in website design in Wilmington, NC.  


Popular Topics for the Times 

During each change of the season and every holiday that approaches, you have people searching the web frantically for ideas, products, and services that could suit their needs for that time of year. This could draw a great deal of traffic to a struggling business’ website or any business really. 

Think about it… because those topics are relevant at the time, people are searching for these topics at that time, whereas the rest of the year, they won’t be. This allows your blog to be applicable. 

And keep in mind that all you may have to do the following year with that blog is to adjust the keywords and “fluff it” a bit with new content so it may rank highly the following year as well. 


Moods Change 

Upon the change of seasons and around each holiday, people’s moods change. They may become extremely excited when they approach their favorite holiday. On the other hand, they may become nervous, wondering how they’ll get all their shopping done or cook all that food, among other concerns. A seasonal blog can help ease their mind or further elevate their enthusiasm. You can play a role in how they feel about the season!


Needs Change 

You wouldn’t search for snow shovels in May. Although with us offering website design from Wilmington, NC, we don’t really search for them any time of the year. On the other hand, you wouldn’t try to purchase a giant light-up snowman during the summer. The only way you’re going to purchase these items out of season is if you come across them on clearance. 

Blogging basically has the same concept. You want to appeal to potential customers, clients, or patients based on their current needs, which change with the season. You can then position your product or service as useful and relevant, as you attract more readers to your site. 


Value Driven 

Creating post after post that isn’t aligned with your audience’s needs or desires is wasted effort. You won’t ever see the results you crave with content that doesn’t provide any value to potential clients, customers, or patients. However, when content is seasonal, it’s value driven. Essentially, you’re giving the people what they want when they want it. 


Why Awesome Website Guys for Content and Website Design in Wilmington

At Awesome Website Guys, we’ll help you stay up-to-date on the latest topics that’ll appeal to your current and potential clients or customers. And see what we did here – we created a post about seasonal content right before all the holidays hit to encourage viewers to our site who are trying to prepare for the foreseeable future. 

We take the time to thoroughly understand your target audience and continuously post content of value, including seasonal posts. 

In terms of our website design, it’s not seasonal, but we help you keep up with the current trends, that way you rank highly and keep up, or outperform, your competition.  

At Awesome Website Guys, we help you market your business or practice, which often includes taking advantage of how we can promote you to your target audience without being overly salesy. One way we accomplish this is through seasonal blogs. 


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