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Some folks love working from home, and some hate it. The primary reason for people being skeptical about remote work is that it tends to reduce their productivity. Many individuals find it difficult to be and act professional inside their home, and that ultimately affects their performance. The formal office setting motivates them to complete their tasks in time, and they prefer not to take work home. If you are required to work from home or wish to make the best of your remote work gig, there are ways to increase your productivity under the circumstances. Here’s how you quit being a slacker despite staying in your comfort zone:

1.    Start Early

You may have the freedom to choose your working hours as a remote employee, though that shouldn’t give you an excuse to be lazy. Go to bed by 11 at night and don’t stay in bed past 8 o’clock in the morning. If you sleep during the day and work at night, your productivity will diminish tremendously. The mind and body is most active during daylight hours, so make good use of that energy. When you start early, you finish early, so you’ll have the rest of your evening for yourself and your loved ones.

2.    Work out

An early morning jog or gym session is recommended to stay in shape and feel invigorated for the rest of the day. If you are weighed down by fatigue and stress at the beginning of your day, fulfilling your agenda for work is going to be impossible. Working out will help release your tension and overcome the lethargy.

3.    Enjoy a hearty breakfast

Don’t forget to fuel up before putting your mind and body to work. A nutritious and filling breakfast will allow you to focus on work for several hours on end and prevent untimely cravings. If you start working on an empty stomach, you are likely to get irritated or angry at the slightest of glitches. Your mind will be clouded and your body will crave for something relatively unhealthy.

4.    Dress for Work

It can be hard to take work seriously when you’re dressed for bed. Your pajamas are probably very comfortable, which is exactly the problem. You need to make yourself look decent and presentable to get in the mood for work. Wearing a work-appropriate outfit will motivate you to be vigilant and productive.

5.    Set ground Rules

If you choose to work from 9 to 5 at home then pay attention to nothing else in that time frame. Your home office should be off limits to other family members or house mates during work hours. You should only be disturbed in case of an emergency or be approached subtly to avoid interference.

6.    Spruce up your Working Space

The place where you settle to get work done must give office-like vibes. If you work while lounging in your bedroom, you can count on falling asleep rather than being productive. Your work space should have a proper working station, a relaxing office chair, and a nonintrusive décor. It helps to surround yourself with soothing colors, a hint of natural greenery, and a few inspiring quotes or mementos.

7.    Don’t get distracted

It is best to stay off social media and refrain from all sorts of leisurely activities when it’s time to work. Checking one notification on the phone is all it takes to ruin your concentration. Home is full of distractions, so it can be difficult to focus all your attention on work alone. A divided or scattered mind is no good for productivity, so you must channel mindfulness.

8.    Stay organized

Sticking to a schedule and keeping all your work equipment in place saves time and unnecessary hassle. You can work efficiently with peace of mind when your surroundings are organized. Mess and chaos is exhausting; lack of time management and misplaced things will push you into a state of frenzy, which would thwart your ability to get work done.


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