Branding is a bit more complex than simply giving a business its own identity. While you

are making a name for it, branding encompasses the entire essence of what your business is and does. Unfortunately, some people take on the branding on their own without any background, and they regurgitate what they’ve discovered online. This has created a wealth of misinformation about the subject available on the web. It doesn’t help that some people still believe outdated information that changed long ago, and this merely holds a company back from reaching its full potential. 

For these reasons and others, we at Awesome Website Guys would like to enlighten readers about these misconceptions and shed some light on what works. We should note that our Myrtle Beach web design professionals have the training and skills to assist businesses with creating the image necessary for success while keeping their philosophies and values in mind.

Branding Is for Mega Corporations Only 

Quick, think of five brands. More than likely, your first thoughts were of large companies, like the ones you see in advertisements on television regularly, or the ones you see dominating a portion of the shelves at your local grocery store. However, these aren’t the only brands out there. Small businesses and health practices are brands in their own right, even if they aren’t branded in the same way. 

Ultimately, we’d like to stress branding is for all companies, both big and small. It’s even for independent contractors trying to establish a name for themselves in their industries as well. So, don’t believe for a second you don’t need branding for your business just because you’re not selling merchandise in super stores or are CEO of a well-known company. 

The goal of branding, on any level, is to spread the word about your business and become a recognizable and memorable name in the industry. 

Your Logo and Jingle Are Your Brands 

When people think of a brand, they often associate it with the company’s logo. On the other hand, there are some people who feel as though the commercial jingles are what really makes a brand. This is a complete misconception. A logo is merely a portion of your brand, and the same applies to a jingle. 

What makes up branding is any aspect that represents what your company is and helps you stand out. For instance, part of your branding includes your color scheme, any slogans, and your voice, among other factors.  

Branding Is Always Expensive 

When you think of all the major companies that have branding, you assume it costs them a great deal of money to make it to the top. We would too if we didn’t know better because of what we do. We offer cost-efficient solutions for businesses to help them establish their brand and can provide affordable website design, logo design, blogging, and more. 

And what’s even better is we’re not one of those companies offering a low cost just to get clients because our service isn’t of value. Our entire team is experienced and understands all aspects of branding, how they work together, and which techniques work best for different industries. Therefore, you get a high-end service at an inexpensive price.

Utilizing Current Trends Is a Strong Branding Practice 

Nothing about the foundation of your branding should be a trend. Your business is here for the long haul and should be treated as such. So, rather than centering your branding efforts toward what’s hot now, look toward what’s evergreen — or at least practical until you’re ready to rebrand. 

Brand Isn’t Needed for Success   

This is essentially the same as saying a cone isn’t necessary for an ice cream cone. While you could have a business without branding, you may not be able to have a successful one without branding. It truly is a requirement if you want to get your name out there. Keep in mind that your branding has an impact on other parts of your marketing as well. 

Awesome Website Guys doesn’t just offer affordable website design; we provide affordable solutions for branding in general. We understand the practices that work and how to keep your marketing the cohesion it needs to create your brand. It helps we understand popular misconceptions. 

Contact us today to discuss your branding needs by calling us at 910-335-4348 or using our online form. We’ll turn your business into something awesome with our various branding services!