Let’s first start out by saying we aren’t a company that promotes nudists in our work environment, though our staff mainly works remotely, so we can’t say for certain. A minimalist approach to website design utilizes minimal content on each page. The words we do use matter immensely because you’re not providing a wealth of detail. But, is this approach beneficial and does it affect your SEO? We’d like to take a moment to provide some insight about this approach from a marketing expert at Awesome Website Guys — a search for both website design in Wilmington NC and website design in Raleigh NC. 

Minimalist Approach and SEO

As a general rule, you need to use certain keywords to get your business’ site to the top. And you need to use them in a natural way. The quality of content also plays a role in your ranking. So, the minimalist approach doesn’t provide much content for users to read or search engines to pick up on. It doesn’t follow any density regulations, etc. So, you’d think naturally this approach doesn’t follow SEO protocols and won’t help your site rank highly. This isn’t exactly true. 

SEO is so much more than keyword usage and placement. As a search engine ranks your site, it’s also taking into consideration your website speed, website navigation, and mobile friendliness, among other aspects. Guess what you accomplish when you have minimal text on your site? It improves your website speed and makes your website easy to navigate. Since a mobile phone doesn’t have the same capabilities as a laptop or desktop, a website needs to be able to load quickly to be mobile friendly, which it has a better chance of with less content.

And besides these features, you can add a description, site map, alt tags, and other features that affect your SEO that have nothing to do with the content on your page. 

Keep in mind that you can still use the keywords that matter most to your target market with this approach. It just requires a strong SEO writer to create it. You then have content that’s meaningful and still SEO friendly.

Why a Minimalist Approach Could Benefit You 

As briefly noted, taking a minimalist approach when figuring out website design in Wilmington NC or website design in Raleigh NC can enhance your SEO, when done right. But, the benefits extend beyond that. People can load your site quickly with the minimalist approach, which is beneficial in this day and age when everyone is in such a hurry. 

With people being so busy, they don’t tend to read a website word for word. Instead, they skim to find the main points or answer their questions. Therefore, a lot of content is lost and overlooked when you have a great deal of information on each page. The minimalist approach avoids this. The user will be more likely to read your website’s content when there’s less to read. 

In terms of style, a minimalist approach can be beneficial. Think of it this way. Let’s say you walk into someone’s home with little clutter with everything organized. Then, you walk into someone’s house with a ton of clutter and little organization. Which home are you going to find more appealing? Most people would say the uncluttered home. The same concept can be applied to a website’s design. 

Whether you want to take a minimalist approach or feel like your site could benefit from detailed content, Awesome Website Guys can assist. We can help you decide if this approach could benefit you. Then, our skilled team will collaborate to create a design and add content to provide your target audience with your desired experience. 

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