Freelance burnout is real, despite all the images depicting the happy life you can lead as you’re sitting poolside with your laptop. And don’t get us wrong. Yes, many of us have, at some point, sat poolside or on vacation, in general, writing or designing. But, most days aren’t like this. For many of us, we put in long hours while trying to juggle our family lives. Therefore, despite the depiction of what an easy life it is to work from home, it’s not always the case. We get burnout, too.

If you’re wondering if you’re burnout or what’s wrong as you sit there uninspired, we at Awesome Website Guys have some insight and would like to share how you can help yourself get out of that work-from-home rut. 

You’re Neglecting Hygiene and Personal Care

Yes, it’s wonderful working in your pajamas. I am right now. With that said, though, sometimes you need to get out of those pajamas and go to the store, take a walk, or do something besides work. If you’re staying in your jammies most of the time and are losing the desire to get in real clothes when you go out, you could be experiencing a bit of burnout. 

Even if you have no co-workers besides your partner, pets, and kids, you still need to address your basic hygiene needs and brush your teeth, wash your face, and shower routinely. While we understand you have busy days when you might put that shower off for another day, you should be bathing regularly. If you find yourself not taking care of yourself anymore, you’re not just too comfortable with the freelance life, you’re letting the freelance life get the best of you. 

You’re Just Going Through the Motions 

Not every day is going to be one where you have an ingenious idea that’s creative and lives up to, or exceeds, the client’s expectations. That doesn’t mean your career is fizzling or you’re stuck. However, you shouldn’t find yourself merely going through the motions and submitting whatever idea first pops into your head no matter how lackluster it is. 

You should still have days where you feel inspired and everything just feels like it’s on point. If there are no days like that, you’re stagnant, and it’s probably from burnout. 

You’re More Irritable Than Normal 

Life as a freelancer can be stressful. We understand that. There’s a lot entailed to juggle your work and home life when it intersects like this. It has its share of unique challenges. And there will absolutely be days where you have a kid who drew on your contract, a dog who made an uh oh on the rug while you’re in a meeting, and a housing problem where it just seems like your house is only clean for a short period before it looks like a tornado hit it. These are merely some of the negatives that can happen that can get you all up in arms for the day. 

On a majority of days, though, you should feel at least content when you’re working from home, with an occasional bad day. When you feel irritable most days and everyone in your house is noticing, it could be because of your work-from-home life. 

Some Tips From Our Greensboro Web Design Experts 

First and foremost, watch for the signs of burnout, but try to prevent it from occurring. Mix things up by working outside or going to the library some days rather than sitting at home in your office. 

Make changes to your home office, such as adding a plant or two or letting more light in. 

Don’t sit staring at the screen for prolonged periods. Get up every now and then to stretch your legs. Have a bottle of water sitting beside you at all times to stay hydrated. 

Just because you’re your own boss doesn’t mean you can’t ask yourself for time off. Schedule that vacation, even if you have to spend some time working. 

If you’re feeling uninspired by the types of clients you have, try revamping your website and changing your niche. Not only are we Greensboro web design experts, but we’re rebranding experts and can help you reach a new market. If you’re in need of a change, let the pros at Awesome Website Guys help you get over this hurdle. It just takes a call to 910-335-4348, or use our convenient online consultation request form.