So you’re a dentist. You have your degrees on the wall from prestigious schools and have taken countless continuing education credits. You’ve chosen high-tech equipment to give your patients the optimal experience and results. 

However, you aren’t getting many patients as you thought or would like. You’re mainly getting the local community who’ve walked by your building or heard about you through a friend or family member. Or, the patients coming to your practice are those who’ve seen your face in TV advertisements or the weekly Penny Saver. That’s not enough if you’re trying to grow and expand.  

At Awesome Website Guys, we’re a digital marketing agency and would like to inform you of one aspect you’re missing — your web presence. So, why should you listen to us? We’re revered as marketing and WordPress experts. We’re a search result for “website design Raleigh” and anywhere throughout the country. We see practices all the time that receive the boost they need through a fresh website, social media content, blogging, and more. 

General Information 

Curious as to why you need a web presence?

It’s simple. Every time you head to the store or anywhere really, do you notice the number of people on their phones? Do you notice the number of people who bring their tablets everywhere? This is because, whether we like it or not, the Internet has a powerful place in the lives of people nowadays, some for the good and some for the bad.  

They’re looking up everything from recipes for dinner to their new dentist. With so many people searching for a dentist online, you’re missing out on business if you’re not on the web. 

Be a Source of Reliable Information

This sort of goes along with the previous section. But, it’s taking it one step further. Not only are people going online to find a dentist and look at reviews, but many are going online to find the information they desire about oral health, dental problems, and more. 

You can position yourself as a reliable source of information through dental blogs. While that seems like a lot of work, it’s something Awesome Website Guys can complete for you. 

We have expert writers who can craft accurate, engaging content to increase exposure and encourage current patients to maintain a relationship with you. 

Establish and Maintain a Bond 

You would be shocked how many potential patients are out there thinking they need to see the dentist, but it’s something that they continuously put off. You can encourage these individuals through social media posts that are engaging and encouraging and act as reminders. 

For the previous patients, you continuously connect with them so they remember you, your services, and your name. That way, the next time they need a dentist, they’ll come back to you. 

Reach Them Where They Are

We live in a fast-paced world, and people are spending more time than ever on the Internet. And when they’re out and about, they may not be looking at the dentist’s signs to see who’s available. They’re focused on driving and whatever task they need to complete next or soon. 

Therefore, by having social media, blogs, and a website, you can reach people where they are when they have time — online. 

Awesome Website Guys will position you as not just another dentist but one who meets their needs and demands by developing a brand voice for you. They’ll then establish a connection with you before they even walk through your doors. We’ll encourage them to reach out to you, and from there, it’ll be time for you to work your magic. 

Connect with us today by calling 910-335-4348 or using our online form. We can’t wait to get started taking your marketing to a new level!