So when you think of a digital marketing agency, what do you think about it? Do you think of individuals who are WordPress experts and specialists in website design in Wilmington, NC? Or, do you merely think about the Internet as being the present and future of business and aren’t sure exactly what this area of marketing entails fully? The process of growing a business digitally is a bit more intricate than just hiring a Myrtle beach web design company and letting the cards fall where they may after you have a functioning site. Let’s take a moment to discuss some of the services we can provide besides website design. 

Crafting Fresh, Exciting, Meaningful Content

After we create your website and our WordPress experts continuously manage the site as necessary, there’s more our company can offer you so your business may grow digitally. For instance, we provide routine blogging so you have fresh, impactful content to lure readers to the site and give them a positive first impression of your company and what you do. It keeps current and past customers engaged with your site as well. This helps them to know about your active promotions and learn about your other products or services. 

Our staff researches your target market, what’s trending, and what would most appeal to your audience. They then provide you with high-quality, unique, engaging content to keep people actively involved on your site. 

We also create web content to provide your business with an image and entice potential buyers to utilize your product or services. We use SEO to help you rank.  

Understanding the Latest Algorithms and SEO

Google likes to surprise all internet users with occasional algorithm changes. These don’t tend to affect search engine users as much as they impact companies with websites. At Awesome Website Guys, we understand this can be quite frustrating. And if you’re a person who hates change, it’s beyond difficult to endure.

That’s why we keep up on all the latest algorithms and can conduct SEO research for you as necessary so your company remains up to date and can be a contender with your competition. 

While this doesn’t seem like a major feat we complete, it is when you think of how much this can impact your business. A few changes with algorithms or shifts in search habits from your target audience can take you from the top of the search results to pages deep, where you might never be seen again by new viewers. 

Offering WordPress Management 

As we mentioned, part of our staff at Awesome Website Guys are WordPress experts, and we offer WordPress management services. This is the routine maintenance your website needs to function. Think of it in terms of your furnace. You keep your unit functioning optimally by changing the filter and possibly hiring a company to come in yearly for a maintenance service. Our company essentially works the same. We change your filter and handle all the other maintenance tasks that keep your site working for years to come. And this TLC needs to be done on a regular basis to ensure your site functions as it should. 

Through this service, we can troubleshoot your plug-ins and themes. If any aren’t functioning, we can figure out why. Part of this care may include a performance audit. Think of this as your site’s annual wellness visit. Although your site might be working, the audit helps to gauge exactly how well so changes can be made if necessary. 

At Awesome Website Guys, we offer website design in Wilmington, NC, as well as Myrtle Beach web design. In fact, we supply this service to businesses throughout the country. And we do so much more to help our clients achieve awesome results with their digital marketing efforts. 

Contact us today by calling 910-335-4348 or using our online form. We’re ready to help you see digital marketing results like you’ve never seen before.