If you love pets, the natural career options for you are to work as a vet or a veterinarian tech. However, these jobs aren’t for everyone. Going to school to be a vet takes at least eight years. And while the educational requirement for becoming a vet tech is usually around two years, if you hate the sight of blood and it just breaks your heart to give a pet an injection, this job might not be for you. Despite these well-known options in veterinary medicine not being for you, that doesn’t necessarily mean there aren’t other options. 

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Dog Walker 

A dog walker can earn anywhere from $20,000 per year to over $60,000, with the median being around $30,000. You can even do this as a side hustle, a fun way to make a few hundred dollars extra each month. 

Fortunately, you don’t require any type of certifications for this and can start it with little to no money down. It just mainly takes time to build your client base. 

Pet Sitter 

People go out of town and have nowhere to take their pets. It costs money to travel with their furry friends, and in many cases, it’s just not possible because a number of hotels won’t even consider letting pets stay. This also doesn’t take into consideration the fact that many pets don’t travel well, and it’s more of a hassle than anything to bring them along. 

Fortunately, people like you can open a pet-sitting business either in your home, in the customers’ homes, or even a combination of both. If you set it up in your home, though, you’ll need to invest a bit. However, you typically don’t need any type of certification to begin, though it may help to go through a major pet-sitting organization and receive certification. You might also want to earn your CPR and first aid certificates because many pet owners want to know you’ll help their pets if something should happen. 

Pet Supply Shop 

Perhaps taking care of pets isn’t for you, and you just don’t have it in you to pick up puppy mess on the sidewalk. You could help animals indirectly and primarily focus on assisting their owners by opening a pet supply shop online. In this case, you sell merchandise either in stores, online, or both. 

Homemade Treat Shop 

Most people love their pets. Many think of them just like family, so they absolutely adore letting Fifi try new treats. This is your way to help pets without the stress of working with them directly. And if you like to bake, this could definitely be for you. 

This type of business, however, requires capital to start, including the cost of ingredients. You’ll also need to obtain the proper licensure and spend some time learning all the laws that govern this industry so you keep pets safe. 

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