A small business seems like a big, time-consuming venture to many when they’re running it full-time. And trust us, it is a full-time job and then some. But, you can start out small and gradually work your way up as you establish yourself. Or, if you already have a full-time job and just want some extra income or already retired but want something to occupy your time, it can be your side hustle. This, however, is a bit different than running a full-time small business. 

At Awesome Website Guys, we’re not just experts in web design in Raleigh and web design in Wilmington, NC, we’re also business experts. We know what it takes to start and would like to shed some light on the subject for you.

Know Your Time Restraints 

Running a full-time business can be a full-time job, with working an additional 20+ hours each week, especially when you first start. But, if you only want to work on your business for a few hours a day or maybe a few days per week, it’s possible, depending on your business type. 

Therefore, we recommend you know exactly how much time you want, and have, to spend on your business. Have a set schedule for the beginning, with a bit of wiggle room, of course. 

Make sure the type of business you want to run is feasible in that time. Some kinds require more time than a few hours per week, and you might find yourself working more than you want or not being able to meet your customers or clients’ expectations, harming your reputation. 

Have Goals 

While you may want to make millions on this venture ultimately, that may not be possible. Therefore, you want to take time to set realistic goals that are feasible. For instance, do you want to earn an extra $200 per week, or would you like to eventually turn this into a full-time deal once it takes off and you have the time? 

Create a Business Plan 

Even if you’re only doing this for less than 20 hours per week, that doesn’t mean this isn’t a business. Although you might not need to have a formal business plan, writing down the basics about your business and its target audience are still essential in reaching your goals. This can also keep you organized. You’ll know exactly what you need and won’t find yourself frustrated as you continue to grow and can’t accommodate or don’t have everything you need to even keep going longer than a short period. 

Get Marketing Help 

Even if you’re just working a few hours on your business weekly, it could benefit you to have marketing help. Rather than spending the little time you have on creating your marketing, you can focus that time on running your business and completing all the other tasks necessary to get your company off the ground. 

Not to mention, your small, side-hustle business will be more likely to succeed if you have a strong marketing plan starting out. You’ll then know you have the key elements that attract customers, and you won’t be taking a huge risk, especially if you’re using this as an opportunity to get out of the rat race and have the freedom that being an entrepreneur provides. 

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