Whether you’re searching for Greensboro web design, Delray Beach web design, or for web design anywhere else in the U.S., you have a choice to make. And one that can affect the entire trajectory of your business. Therefore, not just any website design company will do. But, how do you pick between so many options? Awesome Website Guys has the answer!


Start With an Internet Search

The process for finding a web design company should begin with an internet search. Think about how you want to work with the company, either in person or remotely. Or are you willing to do either? This means you’ll want to use search terms like “Delray Beach web design” or “Greensboro web design” or wherever your location is if you want a local company so you may sit down and discuss your needs face to face. 

On the other hand, you may merely search for a company in general if you’re willing to complete the project remotely. Keep in mind that this often entails phone calls, email, or video conferencing. 

Once you have a few companies in mind, you’ll need to ask any of them not located in your general vicinity if they have the capability to work remotely. Not every company offers this option. 


Review Their Sites

When you walk into a hair salon, don’t you look around at how the stylists have their hair cut, colored, and fixed? Why not do it for something as important for your business and your future? 

Spend some time to review the sites of all the companies you selected. Look at their site design. Is it visually appealing? How does the site make you feel overall? Is it easy to see the fonts? The overall design should be something that looks professional, loads quickly, and is easy on the eyes, literally.

Consider how easy it is to navigate. Think about which pages consumers will most likely visit to find information, such as the “About us” page. Can you easily get to it? These are the pages that’ll be most viewed by your potential customers/clients, so they’ll need to be easily accessible.  


Learn About Each Company 

Besides merely assessing the site’s aesthetic appeal, also take a look at the content. Read the homepage. Visit the “About us” page. Learn about the company. Discover how long they’ve been in business. Look at who their employees are since some of these individuals will be the ones working on your project. Check into their credentials. 

There isn’t a specific number of projects or years that they need to have been established to look for, but make sure you consider how you feel working with a start-up versus a company that’s proven itself. 

Oftentimes, a company may mention previous clients/customers on their site or will include a portfolio to give you an idea of what you can expect. 


Consider Price 

As you’re selecting a website design company, think about budget. What’s affordable to you? While price should never be the only factor, it definitely is a vital one to consider since you must remain within budget.  


Schedule a Consultation

Before you make your final decisions, narrow it down to a few options. Contact each one for a consultation and have a list of questions handy to ask each one about their processes, experience, etc. Ask any questions you feel are relevant to the decision-making process. 

At Awesome Website Guys, we’re an established website design company. We offer Greensboro web design, Delray Beach web design, and remote website design throughout the country. We’ve worked with clients from a variety of niches and can tackle projects both big or small — a few things to bear in mind as you decide. 

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