At Awesome Website Guys, we’re just that — awesome fellas and ladies who know a thing or two about websites. We offer services, including Greensboro web design, Delray Beach web design, and web design throughout the country. We’re also managed WordPress hosting professionals. Right now, though, we would like to take a moment to help you recognize signs your website is outdated and let you know we can help. 


Boring Content 

At one point, the web was filled with meaningless content overloaded with keywords just to rank highly. It didn’t matter about grammar, the subject, or anything. All that mattered was the piece could trick the search engines. 

Today, these tactics are no longer effective. And you need to have interesting, educational, or engaging content that gets views. If not, even if you rank highly, readers aren’t going to bite. It takes much stronger content to please the masses nowadays. 

So scroll through your blog and look at the last few pieces. Skim through your web pages. Is it interesting or merely words typed to hold a place?


Keyword-Stuffed Blog or Web Content

Years and years ago, the recommended keyword density was much higher. The search engine wouldn’t even consider your page if you didn’t repeat the same phrases at least four or five times. This led to a plethora of poorly written content everywhere you turned on the web. You could probably still find some of it if you dug deep. 

However, readers aren’t interested in reading a piece that looks something like this, “A North Carolina web design company is the best place to find web design in North Carolina. And your North Carolina web designer will work with you to ensure your North Carolina website stands out.” It’s repetitive, lackluster, and serves no real purpose to the audience. 

Today, the audience wants content with a purpose. It either helps or interests them in some way. And the content can’t have keyword splatter in it. Those keywords need to be interwoven into the content in strategic places to catch the algorithm but not harm the flow or message. 


Slow-Loading Site

Nowadays, the world travels at the speed of light at all times. And people try anything to keep up with it, thus the ever-growing demand for online shopping, telemedicine, etc. Once someone is on the web, they expect everything to load how fast they tend to travel. Therefore, if you have a slow upload speed for your website, users will be gone, and quickly at that matter. They don’t want to wait, no matter what you have to offer. This makes focusing on your loading speed essential. If your site isn’t loading in seconds, it’s time to look toward a Greensboro web design expert. 


No Mobile Accessibility 

While speed is important, think about how many people are on their phones much of the day. They’re searching their little hearts out for the latest and greatest of what the Internet can provide. If it just so happens that you’re what they’re looking for that day and they can’t upload a mobile-friendly site, they’ll find your competition who gave them mobile access. 


Outdated Images

Do your images look dull and lifeless? Are you noticing that those pictures of your staff are from when you first opened eight years ago? These are prime examples your site is outdated and needs a revamp from a Delray Beach web design company.

At Awesome Website Guys, we’re ready to help you with our managed WordPress hosting and other services. Plus, we offer website design to get your site in line with the times. 

If you notice you have signs of an outdated site, your first call should be to us at 910-335-4348. You may also use our online form.