So you’re ready to start a business? You obviously have a great deal of planning to complete, such as searching for WordPress experts to manage your website. Besides managed WordPress hosting, though, you also need to think of a company name. And this is a vital decision because it’s going to follow you through your time running your company. Not to mention, it has the potential to make or break your business. So, Awesome Website Guys has a few hints. 


Check Your State’s Laws First 

Believe it or not, states have guidelines for naming a business when someone is forming a limited liability company (LLC) or corporation. For instance, you can’t use a name that’s the same as another company in your state. Depending on the state you’re in, you may have to choose a name that isn’t too similar to another company. 


Review Competitor’s Names

You want to stand out from the competition, not be just like them. Therefore, carefully review the names of your competition. You want to steer clear of these names and any ones that sound similar. 

Let’s say you’re opening a pet spa, and there’s a puppy boarding center in town named, “Fluff & Wags Boarding.” While this name is cute, the last thing you want to do is name your business “Fluff & Wags Pet Spa.” Although you could piggyback on their success because people may associate the two together, the other pet company could find your brand to be guilty of copyright infringement. Ultimately, this could cause legal troubles for you. Plus, you want to be able to blaze your own path and possibly have even more success. 


Choose a Name That Represents Your Brand 

If you’re opening a hair salon, for example, think about your target audience. Are they people who want a standard haircut or would like an upscale experience? If you’re targeting clientele who want a budget cut, a perfect brand name might be “Cuts for Less.” On the other hand, if you’re targeting high-end clientele, you want a name that’s more luxurious, such as “Andrea La Claire’s Hair Spa.”


Be Unique 

Essentially, you want to be unique. You don’t want a name that’s been used several times. You want one that stands out and will easily be associated with your brand. Just don’t be too unique because they could turn potential clients off. 

Instead, focus on having a name that’s meaningful, different from the rest, but not too difficult to pronounce or understand. 

For instance, if you’re opening a food truck, don’t choose something as generic as “Wilmington’s Best Pizza.” However, don’t choose a name that’s too off the wall, such as Biisa — the Somali word for pizza, unless you’re making Somalian-style pizza. If not, you could leave people scratching their heads, trying to figure out what your business offers. 


Avoid Hard to Spell or Pronounce Names 

You don’t want to spend the duration of your business’ life correcting people on how to pronounce or spell your company’s name. Plus, if it isn’t catchy and doesn’t do anything for your business’ reputation, it could hinder your business’ growth. 


Check Domain Names 

Although Awesome Website Guys offers managed WordPress hosting from WordPress experts, it helps to do some research about website names before you begin. You may struggle to obtain a domain name cheaply if you choose certain business names. Therefore, make sure you inquire about domain names first before choosing, unless you plan to use a DBA name or have another web address in mind. 

At Awesome Website Guys, we offer a variety of services to help your new business get off the ground. However, the creative aspect of choosing a name is up to you. 

Once you have your name, contact us to start your digital marketing campaign by calling 910-335-4348 or using our online appointment request tool.