Most people have to work for a living to enjoy life. However, work shouldn’t dominate your entire life. You still need to spend those little moments with your family and friends. And you still require “me” time to prevent a stress overload. But, how can you get the time you need for your loved ones and yourself without letting your work interfere? Awesome Website Guys have a few tips to help.


Make Yourself a Schedule 

One of the nice things about being your own boss is that you can choose your schedule. You don’t have to punch in at 9 and punch out at 5. You also don’t need to take your break at a specific time. It all relates to when you’re the busiest and when it’s a must that you’re completing a task. 

While it may sound practical to fly by the seat of your pants because you can, it can also cost you. In all reality, you may be hindering your productivity rather than helping it when you don’t schedule. You may be working more hours than necessary or trying to squeeze in a few extra tasks when you’re at home just to make sure you get everything done, but this can leave you possibly dropping the ball or overworking yourself. 

Instead, make a schedule for yourself. You can be lenient with yourself but have some set hours that you plan to work each day. Emergencies and unanticipated phone calls may arise, which is fine. But, as a whole, you should be focused on only working those set hours. 


Create To-Do Lists 

Every day before you get to work, create a to-do list. Know everything you have to complete, rather than running around aimlessly. As you complete each task, cross it off your list. You’ll see how much you’re accomplishing, and it can be your motivation to continue. It helps to prioritize your to-do list so you can complete tasks of the utmost importance first. 

Besides a daily to-do list, it could also benefit you to have a long-term to-do list. While you won’t be crossing off these tasks quickly, it can help you remain focused and ensure you complete everything you have to finish. 


Take Me Time Daily 

When you’re running a business – and if you have a family, throw in the responsibilities of parenting – you may find your days are jammed-packed with tasks. You may be busy from sunrise until your head hits the pillow at night. However, this is unhealthy. You’re not giving your mind a break during the day. And while you might not notice the effects instantly, it’ll build and eventually take a toll on your mental health. 

Although the exact amount of “me” time a person needs varies from person to person, as a general rule, you should aim for at least 15 minutes each day. During that time, do something you enjoy, like reading a book, taking a hot shower, or going for a walk in nature. 


Don’t Do it All Yourself

You may feel as though it’s your business, so you should be handling it all. However, this isn’t the case. Sometimes, you need to delegate tasks to your employees. On the other hand, it helps to hire a professional when necessary. 

For instance, if you’re stressed over WordPress-related tasks, let a company that specializes in WordPress and managed WordPress hosting, do all the work for you. 

Rather than throwing together a website just to say you have one, let a company that offers affordable website design assist.  

At Awesome Website Guys, we’ll never tell you that owning a business is easy. Our staff consists of a business owner and independent contractors, and we know how tough it can get at times. What we will tell you, though, is that it’s extremely rewarding. With a few tricks, though, you can better manage your business and home life to make the most of every day. 

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