Like any technology, WordPress continues to evolve and improve overtime. This is essential for maintaining first place as a reliable open-source CMS (content management system). While regular updates and versions are important, it can also make it challenging for clients to manage their website. When there is a major or minor update, clients may not know how to update their site safely and securely. Indeed, it is imperative that website agencies teach their clients how to manage their website. Even if an agency manages their clients’ sites, clients should still have a basic understanding of how to use their site. Keep reading to learn our tips for teaching clients how to manage their website.

Choose Your Approach

Before you have a training meeting with a client, it’s a good idea to create a game plan for what you will do. There are a variety of options to teach clients how to use their website. Consider the client’s experience with technology, their personality, and website needs. Some clients will want to know how to do everything, while others will just want to know how to login, post a blog, and add a new user. Ask your clients what their site needs are and craft your training plan around their response.

Video Meeting

Having a video meeting is a popular choice, especially amidst the current pandemic. You can share your screen with your client, which allows you to walk them through how to do everything from logging into their site to adding a new user. If your client approves, it’s a good idea to record this training meeting. After the meeting is over, you can send your client the video for them to reference. Your client can also share this recorded video with their team.

Video platforms:

  • Google Meet
  • Skype
  • Zoom

In-Person Meeting

When possible, in-person meetings are an excellent way to make training meetings personal. You can meet at a local coffee shop or outdoor restaurant when the weather is nice. Encourage your client to bring their preferred device that they will use to manage their site. This will help them gain confidence in their ability to use their site. Remind them that it takes time to learn a new technology, even for the experts. This personalized meeting will have a lasting impact on your client, which can lead to brand loyalty and referrals to your agency.

Meeting ideas:

  • Bookstore
  • Coffee shop
  • Outdoor restaurant
  • Park

Phone Meeting

If your client prefers calls, you can walk them through their site over the phone. To make this process seamless, ask your client to have their site up at the time of the meeting. This will allow them to navigate their site as you guide them through each step. Since not everyone has a web camera or fast internet connections, phone meetings can be a good choice. Additionally, some clients are not comfortable with video or in-person meetings. Indeed, tailoring the client training based on their needs is crucial for a successful outcome.

Written Documentation

In addition to having a client meeting, we recommend providing written documentation for clients. This is a handy guide to reference and understand key elements of a website. Your clients will appreciate you going above and beyond to create this document, which they can share with their company’s team. After all, your clients will not be able to retain all of the information you share in the meeting. Written documents will ensure that they know how to do some basic site tasks, such as login, add/remove users, and update their site content.

Recorded Training Video

Similar to written documentation, recording a training video is a helpful resource for clients. You can do this on your own time and make sure that you go over key tasks that your clients need to know. Clients can then reference this video to show them how to do something, which pairs well with written documents that they can read.

Have Patience and Empathy for Clients

Always remember to have patience and empathy for clients. It’s not easy to learn a new technology, especially if they have little to no website experience. Even when you started building websites, it took time and practice to get used to the platform. Your clients will appreciate your patience, which will help them feel comfortable asking you questions about their site. Answer all of these questions, so they know you care about them as a client and make sure they are equipped with the knowledge needed to manage their site. 

We hope you enjoyed this article discussing some helpful tips for training your clients how to use and manage their websites. At Awesome Website Guys, we provide expert client training and education by showing our clients how to operate their site, update and publish content, and contact us for assistance.