On February 17th, WordPress released Gutenberg 10.0. This plugin version marked the 100th release of this block editor, which is part of the core WordPress software. Whether you are new to Gutenberg or a seasoned pro, you will appreciate the new updates that make it easier to use. After all, the main purpose of this block editor is to help you build digital content. Keep reading to discover what’s new with this latest plugin release.

Gutenberg 10.0

This block editor plugin features new page blocks, which allow users to easily build navigation menus inside a navigation block or on its own. When users select a parent block, they will notice that this new release has made it easier to see these blocks. Gutenberg 10.0 also offers darker social links for dark themes to improve the contrast. Furthermore, the keyboard navigation in the block patterns inserter has improved as well. Indeed, these improvements have improved the usability and functionality of the block editor, making it easier to build a full website.

Other Feature Updates

As you likely know, the WordPress team is constantly finding ways to improve their platform. This includes their plugins too! Check out these other feature updates from Gutenberg 10.0.

  • Improved top toolbar arrow gap
  • Paragraph blocks can change to button blocks
  • Block patterns can be seen in the inserter for their non-root level insert position
  • Improved layout icons for the new design language and button icons
  • Drag and drop blocks more easily onto your page

Learning Curve

Like any new technology, the Gutenberg has a learning curve to get used to how to build blocks, nest elements, and familiarize yourself with the toolbar. Once you get used to using this block editor, you can build a wide range of websites for clients.

We hope you enjoyed this article, which looked at the latest version of Gutenberg. WordPress will continue to update this core block editor, and we will be sure to keep the pulse on these updates. If you are looking for affordable website solutions, contact Awesome Website Guys today.