Every minute your website is down is another minute that people are landing on your site and are unable to access it. It could cause your site to move downward in the search results. And keep in mind that being one of the first few results is essential. Most people only look at those results, and few people look past the first page. Therefore, it’s essential you figure out the problem and get the site back up as soon as possible. 

At Awesome Website Guys, we not only create awesome website designs, but we also offer managed WordPress hosting and WordPress management. In other words, when you have a problem, we can assist. Here are some of the more common reasons why a site goes down. 

Internet Connectivity Issue

Not all issues with your site going down have anything to do with your site. Sometimes, the problem lies with your internet connectivity. 

So if someone calls you from your building and states your site is down, take a look at the site. See if it loads. If it isn’t, try another website that you know has limited times when it’s down, such as Amazon or Google. If you’re noticing you can’t access anything, it might be a problem with the Internet as opposed to one with your site. 

Know the Possible Causes 

Before you proceed, know everything that’s gone down. Know if it’s every aspect of your site. This can provide you with some insight. 

Keep in mind that the most common reasons why a site may have gone down include the following: 

  • Networking issue
  • Programming error
  • Part of the server crashed
  • Expired domain
  • Programming error
  • Complete server crash 

Investigate the Problem a Bit

Visit your website first. Look at the status bar at the top of the page. See what it’s reading. When you have a programming error, it may read either “Done” or “Loaded.” It should, however, say “Connecting” or “Waiting.” It could also be a misconfiguration.

To know for certain if your server is down, you’ll need to run some tests on the server to see if it’s responding. 

A bad IP address could be a problem. For this error, you’ll notice that you receive a message that says “Unknown host.” 

Why Have a WordPress Management Team 

This was a very brief rundown of the potential problems and how to diagnose them. As you can imagine, it can be an extensive process to determine the issue. That isn’t taking into account the time it takes to repair the problem. And if you aren’t familiar with WordPress management and troubleshooting, you may not be able to repair it. You definitely won’t be able to repair it quickly when you factor in the time it takes to research. With time being money, how many businesses can afford this hit?

At Awesome Website Guys, our services go long beyond the initial website design if you desire. We offer WordPress management and can determine why your site failed. We can get your site back online. When we perform this service, we get your site up and working quickly, which means we’re ultimately saving you money during the process. Not to mention, we’re saving you the headache of stressing, trying to determine the problem, and repairing it as quickly as possible. 

Our managed WordPress hosting and other services can ensure you have a site that not only attracts viewers but also works. We provide a number of other services to help you market to your target audience effectively as well.  

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